Thill Sentence Examples | Use Thill in a sentence

1."microsoft is way behind the competition and the chances of it catching up are fairly low, " says brent Thill of ubs, an investment bank.

2.what i want to say is that i'm willing to be a never- rusty screw, and always commend my heart to the lofty Thill.

3.accessible to Thill of bee. hunting, duke huan saw a ghost in purple clothes and red hat standing aside the road. it was as big as a hub and as long as a Thill.

5.brent Thill, software analyst at citigroup, said the annual maintenance fees charged by mature software companies amounted to a "really reliable, high-margin part of the business that generates a lot of cash to support higher debt".

6.combining them in its fusion software package is a huge task, says brent Thill, an analyst at citi investment research. seemed a Thill of pleasure. mr Thill, sap is still the better-run and more innovative company when it comes to applications.

9.a good story is one that keeps others guessing Thill the last minute. an apr. 6 note to investors, citigroup (c) analysts mark mahaney and brent Thill wrote that they would consider $34 a "reasonable" offer.

11.only you and you alone can Thill me like you do and fill you heart with love for only you.

12."there is healthy scepticism as to whether all this will work, " says brent Thill of ubs, an investment bank.