Theories Sentence Examples | Use Theories in a sentence

1.the public earnestly puzzled over his Theories, elevated him into a cult of genius, and canonized him as a secular saint.

2.da vinci was methodical in his research, carefully recording his observations and Theories

3.the results are discussed with regard to existing Theories of basic research and practice in companies.

4.i was itching to get involved and to bring my own Theories into practice

5.such Theories are still very tentative.

6.the knowledge base of the project is formed on Theories connected with working conditions and the quality of working life and empirical researches.

7.these two Theories described virtually all physical phenomena that had been studied then.

8.the psychoanalysts have had no trouble in finding empirical confirmation for their Theories.

9.this innovation is the ecological security of the Theories and methods used in eco-tourism resources development study.

10.we'll always justify our actions with noble sounding Theories

11.all our Theories sound pretty lame.

12.the police have several Theories about the case, but no hard evidence.

13.but these from actual set out of the research have no Theories to do instruction, in other words, there is no Theories foundation.

14.they talked about the competing Theories of the origin of life.

15.many Theories on punishment exist, all of which are variations on a theme. scientific research, one should break new paths and not be fettered by accepted Theories.

17.we shall use it as a yardstick in the following brief survey of the Theories of static fatigue. me, direct experience of what i later came to call virtual communities preceded Theories about the ways people do things together online.

19.would yo think me impertinent if i were to put your Theories to a more severe test?

20.then, we introduce a single intersection and coordination of the basic Theories and methods of control.

21.conspiracy Theories abound; in missed market opportunities, as in war, truth is often the first casualty.

22.we will then have a firmer foundation of fact on which to build Theories

23.there is no end to searching into philosophical Theories.

24.folk psychology comes closer to the obvious truth than the most sophisticated Theories.

25.the two scientists stopped working together because their Theories did not conform.

26.i was impressed by his devotion to research but i did not have the slightest interest in his profound Theories.

27.don't let yourself be distracted by fashionable Theories

28.i was deeply impressed by his devotion to research, but i'm not interested at all in his profound Theories.

29.many Theories have been advanced as to why some women suffer from depression

30.there are many Theories that claim to be able to predict whether you're carrying a boy or a girl.

31.physics is the best example of a science which has developed strong, abstract Theories.

32.because of the complexity of translation, there have always been controversies over translation Theories, especially that of literary works.

33.psychiatrists become too caught up in their Theories to deal adequately with reality.

34.einstein's Theories opened up a whole new field for study.

35.einstein was to be known as the genius who discovered many useful scientific Theories.

36.this highlights a problem faced by people proposing Theories of ball lightning

37.all Theories originate from practice and in turn serve practice.

38.over the years several similar Theories have been put forward scientists describe the universe in terms of two basic partial Theories -- the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.