Themis Sentence Examples | Use Themis in a sentence

1.each set of plasma jet impacts can release as much energy in total as a magnitude 5 to 6 earthquake, Themis revealed.

2.Themis is a new security scanner that search the network hosts for security problems and and present a report.

3.'whether or not the rally is warranted, it's gotten more of a push, ' says joseph saluzzi, co-head of trading at Themis trading.

4.they were heavily dependent on the scales of Themis, the blindfolded goddess of justice.

5."we did not know what a stock was worth today, and that is a serious problem, " said joe saluzzi of Themis trading in new jersey.

6.among Themis choosing in finite element analysis and practical use of the basis of feedback., getting your links out there where people can see Themis crucial. far as the framework is concerned, the first chapter mainly states the justice notion in ancient greek myth, and reveal the spreading and change of socialism in ancient greece by distinguish between Themis justice and dike justice.

9.then, the relation between Themis analyzed.

10.the divine agent, suggesting judicial awards to kings or to gods, the greatest of kings, was Themis .

11.i think Themis is specially designed to help answer some of those compelling science questions.

12.recent temperature readings by Themis have detected water ice poking through in certain places, so the answer seems to be yes. the ancient greeks she was known as Themis , originally the organizer of the "communal affairs of humans, particularly assemblies. "

14.the Themis project manager at the university of california, peter harvey, says it has taught technicians how to make small satellites with little computers and other instruments.

15.howard singer, of noaa's space weather prediction center in boulder, colorado, said decoding auroras is just one part of the Themis mission.

16.Themis, an institutional brokerage, says other trading practices need reform as well.

17.there of the four men are tall, two of them have tanned skin, and only one of Themis handsome.