Terrorist Sentence Examples | Use Terrorist in a sentence

1.the government has planted a secret agent in the Terrorist group.

2.Terrorist acts that shocked the civilized world.

3.the two camps differ over how much approval and assistance pakistan should give to stepped-up u. s. anti-Terrorist operations.

4.fighting Terrorist activities also becomes one of the missions for the special forces.

5.the Terrorist action has been condemned as an act of barbarism and cowardice.

6.many of their friends and neighbours have ended up in prison for Terrorist activities.

7.police have discounted the possibility that this was a Terrorist attack.

8.the us and israel continue to see hamas as a Terrorist organization.

9.most all of the casualties in afghanistan have been against the taliban which are a Terrorist group.

10.it stayed out of the latest by-election, saying it would not compete with a red-shirt "Terrorist" .

11.police said the suspect and the forces of the extreme right in norway, there is no contact with international Terrorist organizations.

12.the united states and israel will not negotiate with hamas, which both countries have labeled a Terrorist group.

13.the police are connecting this incident with last week's Terrorist bombing.

14.he masterminded a number of Terrorist attacks.

15.it also publishes lists of embargoed or Terrorist associated countries, which place additional restrictions for business engagements.

16.just when the political situation was growing more stable, increased Terrorist activity began to rock the boat.

17.so the last thing they need right now is a Terrorist group threatening to turn greece into a "war zone. "

18.banks and shops closed yesterday amid growing fears of Terrorist violence.

19.he condemned these "despicable Terrorist actions" in the statement.

20.the Terrorist attack left many dead and wounded.

21.i think some people in this place have a connection with the Terrorist attacks.

22.a Terrorist bomb attack in retaliation for recent arrests.

23.this will help to end all conflict in the region and the trans-national Terrorist problem.

24.it's a prime target for Terrorist attacks.

25.yesterday, the italian prime minister expressed indignation and worry about the Terrorist attack two days ago.

26.the Terrorist attack paralyzed the whole subway system.

27.plague is still studied by governments and Terrorist organizations for possible germ warfare applications.

28.i had much sympathy for lebanon; it was caught up in the conflict between israel and syria, and was full of Terrorist operatives.

29.you know it's easier to get killed by a Terrorist than get married over the age of 40.

30.home-grown Terrorist attack means it was an act of domestic terrorism.

31.he masterminded a number of brutal Terrorist attacks.

32.the2001 Terrorist attacks destroyed the iconic twin towers, prompting a competition to design their replacement.

33.one american was killed and three were wounded in Terrorist attacks.

34.but the september 11 2001 Terrorist attacks changed all that.

35.benigno aquino iii said the president aoe, do not rule out possible Terrorist attacks.

36.did you read the article about the Terrorist attack?

37.israel and the west consider hamas a Terrorist organization.

38.imagine technology that allows you to get inside the mind of a Terrorist to know how, when and where the next attack will occur.

39.he has continued to pursue a policy of engagement with a Terrorist-sponsored regime, which is just not the direction we need to go.