Territorial Sentence Examples | Use Territorial in a sentence

1.it said the british personnel were then surrounded and escorted by iranian vessels into iranian Territorial waters.

2.the philippines, malaysia, brunei and taiwan have their own Territorial and maritime claims.

3."the only purpose of china's limited military strength is to safeguard china's sovereignty and Territorial integrity, " he said.

4.the chinese nation has the strong resolve to uphold state sovereignty and Territorial integrity.

5.the vatican successfully mediated in a Territorial dispute between argentina and chile in 1984

6.a Territorial division exercising administrative, judicial, and political functions in great britain and ireland.

7.first, mutual respect of sovereignty and Territorial integrity, mutual non-aggression and mutual non-interference in internal affairs.

8.the name it would like to have annoys ctnh, which regards it as an implicit Territorial claim on its northern province with the same name .

9.so far beijing has not pressed new Territorial claims; it has simply begun to defend old ones in sparsely inhabited places.

10.on thursday, he ordered sanctions against individuals found to have violated ukraine's Territorial integrity.

11.a number of governments banned the ship from their Territorial waters.

12.han's island rests partly within our Territorial waters.

13.kuril islands, including the russo-japanese Territorial dispute between the four northern islands (russia, said the south kuril islands).

14.one of their claims was that the company should respect the community's "cultural, organisational and Territorial integrity" .

15.therefore, they for the country's independence, sovereignty and Territorial integrity of the harbor strong feelings.

16.two cats or more in one house will also exhibit Territorial behaviour

17.we support its independence, Territorial integrity and sovereignty.

18.the sioux had always fought other tribes for Territorial rights.

19.we must safeguard our state Territorial integrity.

20.the anti-secession law was enacted to resolutely safeguard china's sovereignty and Territorial integrity.

21.mutual respect for sovereignty and Territorial integrity.

22.its aim is to respect the sovereignty and Territorial integrity of states.

23.so he may be depressed to run into the beginnings of an old-fashioned Territorial spat between jealous countries.

24.our state sovereignty and Territorial integrity should by no means be impinged on.

25.the ship will remain outside chinese Territorial waters.

26.the president spoke of the need for Territorial compromise.

27.both india and japan have unsettled Territorial disputes with china.

28.we accept the outcome of the inquiry, without prejudice to the unsettled question of Territorial waters.

29.both chile and argentina feel very strongly about their Territorial claims to antarctica.

30.we insist that georgia's sovereignty and Territorial integrity be respected.

31.it primarily includes: safeguarding state sovereignty, unity, Territorial integrity and security;

32.so serbia can claim that independence for kosovo violates its Territorial integrity.

33.in other species, males have been observed marking Territorial areas of a cave wall by rubbing these glands against the surface.

34.governor reeder rejected the demands. he decided to hold an election, but only for a Territorial representative to the national congress.

35.this method is applicable to constellation design for space-based radar global and Territorial early warning system.

36.the coastguard vigilantly guards our Territorial waters.

37.ethiopia's large Territorial area takes in a population of more than 40 million people.

38.it is the only republic which has no Territorial disputes with the others

39.problems that should be paid attention to in building the digital Territorial sea system are also pointed out.

40.it is the vibration of vindictiveness that causes leaders to compete with one another for Territorial reign or to war upon one another.