Terminal Sentence Examples | Use Terminal in a sentence

1.with different equipment configuration, the system can be used as a relay or Terminal type communication node.

2.he died after a brave but unavailing fight against a Terminal illness.

3.data Terminal message compiler and transmission system

4.as soon as he was clear of the Terminal building he looked round

5.the enemy forces will be in accordance with the established line of the road, to reach the Terminal to escape.

6.also ensure the connection settings and flow control between the Terminal server and each connecting system are the same.

7.they have started a hospice for Terminal patients.

8.looking back afterwards you will see that this was not a Terminal trough in your career

9.the excellent mechanical properties, manufacturing and processing are easy to and cheaper, so most used to do Terminal materials.

10.the matched load is one of many Terminal devices in the microwave system.

11.carl sits at a computer Terminal 40 hours a week.

12.he was eventually diagnosed as suffering from Terminal cancer

13.market competition and the needs of customers cause operators to place high hope on mobile communication Terminal products.

14.the iostat tool provides information about the Terminal, disk activity, and cpu utilization.

15.there was a young woman who had been diagnosed with a Terminal illness and had been given three months to live.

16.and what i calculated was the Terminal velocity as a function of radius of these ball bearings.

17.mainframe applications may be designed with a Terminal interface or a message interface.

18.a second Terminal was opened in1998.

19.if the user is in the office but the Terminal indicates a remote dial-in connection, be suspicious.

20."it's sort of like a feather -- it floats down, and its Terminal velocity depends on the density, " he said.

21.the italian political system has been judged to be in Terminal crisis for decades.

22.my own house feels as filthy and chaotic as a bus Terminal

23.notice that the output does not display on the Terminal because it has been redirected to the file.

24.i'll keep with you to the bus Terminal.

25.one major player in my favor was that i hardly had to use the Terminal as i got used to the system.

26.the function of transmission interface is data transmission between student Terminal and sub-exchange.

27.your flight may be delayed so don't pack your computer cord, as you may need it as you sit there in the Terminal and wait for your flight.

28.system framework and hardware design of mobile Terminal are analyzed.

29.for the person with a Terminal illness, life does not abruptly stop and a caregiver is often needed.

30.an encryption communication system including a host and a data Terminal card device is disclosed.

31.the low power hardware and software design of Terminal monitor are provided.

32.'if i could whizz across the Terminal it might save me a lot on re-booking business flights. '

33.he then soldered the wire to the telephone Terminal

34.applications& content consists of Terminal and server applications.

35.he made a round-trip to the Terminal and back.

36.it was the last grand station to be built before america's passenger railways went into what you might call Terminal decline.

37.scenic areas within a cruise ship Terminal, a zoo, fishing, grazing land, aobao, villas and a strong national style yurts, continental style of cultivation and so on.