Tephrosia Sentence Examples | Use Tephrosia in a sentence

1.the determination of content of rotenone in Tephrosia vogelii leaves and extract time

2.symptoms of root-knot nematode damage to Tephrosia candida and its pathogenic diagnosis

3.seasonal variations and analysis of rotenone content in Tephrosia vogelii hook f.

4.study on the supercritical fluid extraction technique of rotenone from Tephrosia vogelii

5.the cell suspension culture of Tephrosia showed higher increase in rotenone content than the tissue culture, but the rotenone content was still lower than that of callus culture of derris.

6.a plant of the genus Tephrosia having pinnate leaves and white or purplish flowers and flat hairy pods.

7.as for leucaena leucocephala seedlings, mda is not the main product of lipid peroxidation and Tephrosia candida seedlings do not only rely on sod and pod action to reduce active oxygen content.

8.extracting methods of rotenone in leaves of Tephrosia vogelii hook f.

9.application of white Tephrosia, cajan and pallid rattle-box to slope ecological rehabilitation project of freeway

10.the bioassay of rotenone and Tephrosia vogelii extracts aerosols to culex pipiens quinquefasciatus, blattellagermanica were researched with electron sprayer.

11.the company's "introduction Tephrosia technology" for the majority of mountain farmers to provide a way to get rich.

12.part physical characteristics and chemical macro composition were investigated with Tephrosia vogelii hook f.