Taurocholic Sentence Examples | Use Taurocholic in a sentence

1.studies on anti-inflammatory effect of Taurocholic acid

2.Taurocholic salt-phospholipid-cholesterol-water solubilized systems were used to investigate the physical/ chemical behavior of bile.

3.the experimental results showed that Taurocholic acid can reduce the capillary permeability in inflammation tissue, can restrain the inflamed swelling and inhibit the generation of inflammatory mediators, such as no, pge2 and histamine.

4.the effects of Taurocholic acid on phagocytosis of macrophage from mice

5.Taurocholic acid-induced gene expression profiles of vibrio parahaemolyticus

6.it was concluded that Taurocholic acid was the major constituent of bile acids in the artificial snake bile.

7.therefore, the Taurocholic acid can significantly inhibit the inflammation by reducing the generation of inflammation mediators.

8.sap model was induced by injection of 3% sodium Taurocholic acid into the subcapsular of pancreas. serum amylase amylase of 3h, 6h, and 12h with sap was measured. expressions of il 1 β mrna in lung were detected by semi quantitative rt pcr.

9.method comparison for the determination of Taurocholic acid in snake bile

10.studies on antipyretic effect and its mechanism of Taurocholic acid