Taunted Sentence Examples | Use Taunted in a sentence

1.jose mourinho has Taunted arch-rival rafa benitez for failing to win the premiership.

2.a gang Taunted a disabled man

3.he Taunted armed officers by pointing to his head, as if inviting them to shoot

4.they Taunted her with being poor.

5.the former scottish international had plenty of skill to match his steely determination and he revelled in being Taunted and booed by opposition fans-it seemed to bring out the best in him.

6.but fearing he would be Taunted as a bastard in the village, she brought him with her to beijing when he reached school age.

7.friends Taunted me with facebook messages and pokes.

8.they Taunted him into taking the dare.

9.oh, yeah, i Taunted.

10.his partner, in a violent letter sent to his bank, had Taunted him with hiding his whereabouts.

11.she Taunted him to come and get it, while he said he couldn't, fighting not to sink while snatching at it (gf26).

12.she had Taunted him with not having the courage of his instincts.

13.they spat at me and Taunted me

14.the other boys Taunted him.

15.she also Taunted harry and used the cruciatus curse on neville when she heard that he was a longbottom.

16.his partner, in a violent letter sent to his bank , had Taunted him with hiding his whereabouts .

17.some girls Taunted her because she was poor.

18.the economist magazine recently Taunted the president with the observation that failure in trade legislation will be a signal that america is giving up its role as defender of an open global economy in the same way that mr obama has retreated in foreign policy.

19.a different message, left by a woman who hailed the girl as a guardian of the morality of modern china, Taunted teacher fei in bold type.

20.hundreds of rioters lobbed petrol bombs and more at the police, torched vehicles, smashed shops and Taunted shopkeepers as they robbed them.

21.after being Taunted and Taunted, i just quit, got down on the ground, and pretended i broke my leg chasing them.

22.the mill foreman Taunted the workers, badgered them, and told them that they dared not quit.

23.i guess in a way i felt for that teased and Taunted banana. i suddenly felt obligated to defend that banana.

24.they Taunted him with cowardice/ with being a coward.

25.as a preschooler, the small sandy-haired child was Taunted as a "retard" by other kids.

26.they Taunted and insulted him; they called him vile names.

27.they Taunted her with her inability to swim.

28.they Taunted him. they asked him if he thought he was normal; they suggested he was going crazy.

29.the comment called to mind how jeff bezos Taunted apple in september by saying that amazon ( amzn) wants to make money when people use their products, not when they buy them.

30.and she was giggling at him. spread-eagled on the floor, her brocaded gown hitched up above her thighs, she Taunted him between giggles.

31.while in hiding, bin laden had Taunted the west and advocated his views in videotapes spirited from his hideaway.

32.a more immediate risk is that israel, Taunted and threatened by iran's fiery president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, will feel compelled to get its retaliation in first.

33.he Taunted me beyond endurance.

34.the medic said gibbs Taunted him for refusing to do the amputation.

35.they Taunted him into crying.

36.the crowd Taunted the athlete with his poor performance.

37.other youths Taunted him about his clothes.

38.however, it has also been suggested england's fans were not entirely blameless and Taunted their home counterparts with derogatory comments about their romany background.

39.they wiped out our species to the point of extinction, keeping a few survivors locked up in cages to be examined and Taunted.