Tartaric Sentence Examples | Use Tartaric in a sentence

1.a method for the determination of Tartaric acid, malic acid and citric acid in drink by liquid phase chromatography ( hplc) with liquid phase microextraction ( lpme) were developed.

2.lemon juice, vinegar and cream of tartar, also known as Tartaric acid, are all inexpensive ingredients you might have in your kitchen pantry.

3.the moisture absorption rate from fastest to slowest are citric acid, sucrose, Tartaric acid, vitamin c and sodium bicarbonate in turn.

4.effects of organic acids ( acetic acid, Tartaric acid and citric acid) on adsorption of cd~ ( 2+) and pb~ ( 2+) by goethite and bentonite were studied with the batch method.

5.moreover, sodium benzoate, citric acid, lactic acid and Tartaric acid could reduce the odor and attenuate the spoilage of tilapia.

6.the principal acids used are phosphoric, citric, fumaric, Tartaric, and malic acids.

7.leaching remediation of a heavy metal contaminated soil using Tartaric acid

8.the gingerols microencapsulation with Tartaric acid or citric acid exhibited a little antioxidation activity and synergistic effect.

9.the nucleation of the organic nonlinear optical crystal, urea l-Tartaric acid, was studied in supersaturated solution.

10.the anodizing of zl102 aluminum alloy castings was investigated in the mixed boric acid and Tartaric acid solution.

11.resolution of the use of non-resolution of enantiomers methods used in organic solvents Tartaric acid for the separation agent, to be s-type.

12.alleviating effect of different configuration Tartaric acids on aluminum toxicity in barley seedlings

13.Tartaric acid is a natural chiral compound with two carboxylic acid and two hydroxyl groups of the symmetrical structure.

14.conclusion domestic metoprolol Tartaric acid in treatment of chf has good efficacy and can be affordable.

15.indirect electrochemical vat dyeing of cotton fabric with fe(ⅱ)-Tartaric acid complex

16.photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange by tio_2 combined with Tartaric acid

17.serum alkaline phosphatase ( akp) and Tartaric acidic phosphatase ( trap) were measured.

18.the results showed that the detoxication of citrate acid to pb and Tartaric acid to cd was comparatively distinct.

19.progress in asymmetric alkyl addition to aldehydes and ketones promoted by Tartaric acid derivatives

20.Tartaric acid; acid of tartar,( found in many plants and the juice of fruit, and used in making baking powder, etc)

21.the optically inactive form of Tartaric acid that is often found in grape juice.

22.after tin and molybdenum are screened with Tartaric acid and copper is screened with thiourea, nickel is directly titrated with edta.

23.Tartaric acid: naturally occurring acid found in grapes ( and almost nowhere else) and the most important acid in wine.

24.effect of edta and Tartaric acid on cu and pb releasing from soil

25.Tartaric acid derivatives have been widely used in enantioseparation and asymmetric synthesis.

26.in hot regions, extra Tartaric acid is added to'correct'the acidity.

27.the kinetic release behavior of hchs in red soil by three low-molecular-weight ( lmw) organic acids ( oxalic acid 、 Tartaric acid and citric acid) and water was studied adopting self-designed kinetic device.

28.the main acids in wine are Tartaric, lactic and malic.

29.study on imitation gold electroplating with Tartaric acid salt as key complexant on surface of gfrp

30.the optimum experimental conditions and pd+ Tartaric acid as mixed modifier were selected.

31.an effervescing salt containing sodium bicarbonate and rochelle salt and Tartaric acid.

32.conclusion it was feasible to enhance the soluble ability and prepare the monolithic osmotic pump tablet of atenolol with Tartaric acid.

33.the antioxidant activities of these composite antioxidants with the presence of Tartaric acid have also been studied.

34.effect of Tartaric acid isomers on edta-indirect titrimetric determination of aluminum oxide in ore

35.the invention also discloses a production method of the fermentation type banana Tartaric acid beverage.

36.at the same time, the mixed additive ( Tartaric acid and metal ion) were studied.

37.a mixture of Tartaric acid, sodium bicarbonate, and potassium sodium tartrate, used as a mild cathartic by dissolving in water and drinking.

38.using solvent to extract succinic acid in and Tartaric acid in chemical nikel plating liquid.

39.this review presents Tartaric acid derivatives as chiral selectors in the separation of enantiomers in hplc.