Syrian Sentence Examples | Use Syrian in a sentence hollande also urged the Syrian opposition to form a government of national unity, which he said france would recognize.

2.for the sake of the Syrian people, the time has come for president assad to step aside.

3.the Syrian lebanese commercial bank was designated for being owned or controlled by the commercial bank of syria.

4.we know that the Syrian regime has the capacity to do this with rockets.

5.he said that included syria and that he had spoken to Syrian officials just over two weeks ago.

6.since last year, Syrian allies russia and china have vetoed three security council resolutions on syria.

7.hamas and its Syrian and iranian backers may howl treason and plot a return to suicide-bombs.

8.weapons of mass destruction ( 2003) bush's wmds never found in iraq or the Syrian desert.

9.he says Syrian forces have destroyed entire neighborhoods in opposition areas.

10.torture in Syrian prisons, long known as some of the worst in the world, is now "rampant" according to a report by human rights watch.

11.since the beginning of Syrian unrest, we have intensely pursued targeted financial measures to increase pressure on the Syrian regime.

12.friday's vote came as Syrian activists reported more violence in the seventeen-month-old uprising against president bashar al-assad.

13.have a lunch meeting planned with the Syrian petroleum company?

14.Syrian state television said crowds attacked public buildings including the courthouse and set fire to them.

15.Syrian security forces immediately closed off the neighborhood to investigate the cause of the bombing.

16.clinton told reporters in washington that the Syrian military should immediately end attacks and provocations in the region.

17.there is also a tiny Syrian jewish community that is mainly in damascus, aleppo and al-kamishli.

18.the crew-members were Syrians.

19.opposition activists said Syrian troops had adopted a scorched earth policy in jisr al-shughour.

20.we take note of the recent Syrian presidential elections.

21.but moscow at least has already accepted this prospect as it is talking to the Syrian opposition.

22.the united states dismissed a promise this week by the Syrian president to permit reforms.

23.the russian leader also said he agreed with his Syrian counterpart that the united states could play a more active role.

24.the plan calls on Syrian government forces and rebels to agree on a cease-fire and engage in dialogue.

25.1976 Syrian troops and tanks moved into lebanon in force.

26.the arab league has publicly spoken of the Syrian people's legitimate aspirations for political and social reform. threatens targeted measures against the Syrian government if it does not stop its attacks on anti-government activists.

28.we are not protecting the Syrian government, but international law.

29.rebels and the Syrian government have blamed each other for the killings of hundreds of civilians in the incidents.

30.the Syrian regime did not react on thursday, but anti-regime protesters welcomed the long-awaited move.

31.'we think it would be a mistake to disregard what the Syrian leadership is trying to do with the opposition, ' he said.

32.meanwhile, the Syrian rights group, said the day of the sava west asia, the repression began, the government arrested at least 500 people.

33.protests also took place in other Syrian cities.

34.Syrian activists say security forces have killed at least six people as they continue to try to crush protests against president assad.

35.but as more Syrian expatriates return, they are pushing new trends and demanding the services and cuisine they have been used to outside.

36.protocol to agreement on disengagement between israeli and Syrian forces concerning the united nations disengagement observer force;

37.but we made it, collapsing in relief as Syrian border officials stamped our passports.

38.Syrian activist khaled el ekheytar said because of the media ban, it has been up to the protesters to get the word out to the world.

39.and he expects more will enter as they flee fighting between Syrian government and rebel forces.