Synchronized Sentence Examples | Use Synchronized in a sentence

1.the kick must be Synchronized with the arm movements.

2.however, to do this means missing out on the exciting competitions taking place in the Synchronized swimming and water polo events.

3.offline changes on multiple computers are still not Synchronized.

4.the energetic, cheerful animals had plenty of room to wow the audience with Synchronized swimming, jumps, and even a little bit of dancing.

5.the wmx platform keeps user data Synchronized across the various touch points to which it delivers its educational applications. asynchronous mode, only checkpoints are Synchronized between the primary and hdr secondary.

7.caldav is supported by google calendar, yahoo calendar beta and others, making it a now potentially fully-Synchronized calendar app.

8.the file ( s) you copied can be automatically Synchronized between your desktop computer and your mobile device.

9.facing the front of the threshold of harvard university, she decided to choose their own dreams - Synchronized skating.

10.a solution framework is proposed for the problem of Synchronized scheduling of production and air transportation in supply chain.

11.the copy does not remain Synchronized with changes to the original.

12.the compiler is allowed to move statements into a Synchronized block -- just not out of it.

13.Synchronized access to shared resources should allow for transparent serialization and scheduling.

14.a novel fault locating method for transmission network using Synchronized voltage phasor is presented.

15.the hacmp configuration for each cluster was also verified and Synchronized prior to the upgrade.

16.the vrm can be Synchronized with a second instance of vrm running on another server to provide backup.

17.teams can then work in parallel with each other, Synchronized by the scrum master through scrum meetings.

18.Synchronized attribute can not be used with this method type.

19.the fasces you purchase must be Synchronized with the architecture of your bathroom.

20.Synchronized swimming. i like that too.

21.why lock up an entire object, disallowing access to any other Synchronized method for only brief access to shared resources? allows for distributed applications to be developed which can Synchronized data across multiple platforms.

23.the timing is controlled by the camshaft which is Synchronized to the crankshaft by a chain or belt.

24.all will display the same data and are Synchronized with the outline view.

25.asynchronous availability does not guarantee that primary and secondary system databases are completely Synchronized.

26.minimize the number and length of Synchronized code blocks.

27.monitor the following commands to ensure that all data is Synchronized between the upgraded er server and the cluster.

28.only methods or code blocks can be marked "Synchronized".

29.enable this subscription to be Synchronized using the windows synchronization manager.

30.this Synchronized editing relationship between designer and code makes it easy to create and configure clr types visually.

31.every time the model and the implementation are Synchronized ( via the wizard) a new baseline is created.

32.this Synchronized code block acquires the lock associated with the customer class object before it executes.

33.oncreate means that this pair of attributes will only be Synchronized during the creation of a new object or element.

34.your data and the text index need to be explicitly Synchronized if no update frequency is specified. information is Synchronized in one or both directories.

36.what are Synchronized methods and Synchronized statements? can also be Synchronized to trigger actions after two or more events are received. reduce contention in the jvm and operating system, use Synchronized methods only when feasible. has no sim card and allows contacts to be saved and Synchronized on the internet.

40.they are accomplished by online Synchronized generation capacity ready to respond to automatic generation control signals.