symbiotic Sentence Examples | Use symbiotic in a sentence

1.a symbiotic relationship between algae and fungi.

2.the study was conducted to investigate and collect the rhizobia in pamirs plateau of china: the symbiotic resources with leguminous plants, and analyze the characteristics of their nodules and their resistances to adversities.

3.whatever role china plays in gm's future, having a symbiotic relationship with the mainland looks like the smart bet for the time being.

4.we have no choice but to embrace it, he says, because we are already symbiotic with it; technology underpins civilisation.

5.folk beliefs and daily life are respectively the exterior-interior relationship of mutually melt symbiotic relationship. obscures the degree to which the economies of china and the u. s. have become symbiotic. has always had a symbiotic relationship with betting.

8.symbiosis refers to the relationship between symbiotic units at symbiotic environment according to some co-occurrence patterns. is a symbiotic relationship that has worked well for millions of years. some of my readers know, this article series is symbiotic with a talk by the same name that i present at conferences.

11.through photosynthesis the algal cells provide simple sugars and vitamins for both partners in this symbiotic association.

12.plant that affords shelter or food to ants that live in symbiotic relations with it.

13.modernity and east asia are not a unilateral "impact-response" relation but a bidirectional mutually constructing symbiotic relation.

14.research on the cooperation mechanism of institutions and enterprises& a symbiotic theory and analytical framework

15.there's a complex, symbiotic relationship between russian president vladimir putin and the country's oligarchs.

16.this relation can and should be symbiotic.

17.the symbiotic relationship between plants and microsymbionts, such as biological nitrogen fixation and mycorrhizae;

18.lichen is a simple plant, which comes from symbiotic growth of algae and epiphyte.

19.this gives fluorescent corals an edge in protecting the symbiotic algae they host.

20.a newly-fashioned symbiotic relationship between the two adversaries was born.

21.a symbiotic relationship, especially among arthropods and some fishes, in which one organism transports another organism of a different species.

22.symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria invade the root hairs of host plants, where they multiply and stimulate the formation of root nodules, enlargements of plant cells and bacteria in close association. some of the parenchyma cells in cortex of root, there are clusters of symbiotic fungal hyphae.

24.a german man and woman, their faces in close-up, talked about the good and essential symbiotic nature of termite mounds, with subtitles.

25.this paper attempts to discuss symbiotic development of involuntary resettlement from human centered viewpoint.

26.the deeply interconnected and lovingly symbiotic relationship is there for each of us to see and fully experience each and every moment.

27.the dragon mart is evidence of the symbiotic relationship between state and entrepreneurial capitalism.

28.china and the u. s. , he argued, used to have a symbiotic relationship and formed a tightly integrated unit that he calls chimerica.

29.these relatives of corals have similar tissues and are also home to symbiotic photosynthetic algae. the heart of the symbiotic relationship between lua and its host language is a virtual stack.

31.for a historical example, margulis suggests her own studies on the symbiotic nature of nucleated cells.

32.interactions between symbiotic or pathogenic microbes and the hosts they colonize are central to both health and disease.

33.the provider can expect increased decentralization of all functions and increased symbiotic relationships with customers. my mind hotel should be with each other and the environment and optical integration, by mutual symbiotic.

35.increasingly, a symbiotic relationship is emerging between open source and open standards.

36.both hard and soft corals have a symbiotic relationship with zooxanthellae algae, which live in coral and give it its color.

37.figure out a way to create a symbiotic relationship with someone who has the opposite problem from you.

38.symbiotic matrix and feature extraction in the application for two or gray value image feature extraction. follow through and you make it a two-way, symbiotic relationship.