Swooping Sentence Examples | Use Swooping in a sentence

1.while we were talking, several crows were Swooping down on the red cherries.

2.the eagle glided through the sky, now rising, now Swooping.

3.little children ran among them, Swooping and laughing; little boys with big white silk bows under their chins; little girls, little french dolls, dressed up in velvet and lace.

4.but in the eastern united states, like some other unlucky parts of the globe, arctic air is Swooping down from the north.

5.the3-d images are mainly the depiction of hunting scenes, red images of the now extinct wild cattle and stags, and eagles Swooping down on abstract figures once carved out of the walls of ? atalh ? y ü k.

6.if both italian teams put in low, or inadequate offers, german giants bayern munich could also become involved in Swooping the stopper, as they are also following the situation with interest.

7.as classical music softly plays and led lights complement the shifting colors of the waning day, i lie on the floor and watch Swooping bats and then miraculously for beijing two stars appear in the sky.

8.Swooping and diving through the air to catch flying insects.

9.so the all england club gratefully accepted the services of a full-time falconer to patrol the courts with a Swooping bird of prey, named finnegan, acting as a highly effective deterrent.

10.the dragon did not seem to have noticed anything: it was already fifty feet away, Swooping low over the lake to scoop up water in its scarred snout.

11.ornithocheirus fed by Swooping down over lakes, dipping its beak into the water and snatching fish with its razor sharp teeth.

12.more than 20 helicopters began Swooping in low over the ocean

13.a hawk hovered in the air before Swooping on its prey.

14.this international mentality is one reason uk and us investors are Swooping on dutch companies as they race to enter undervalued markets.

15.so roche may be trying to grab avastin on the cheap by Swooping before those results come out.

16.as toyota halts further sales of affected models, rivals are Swooping in to snatch its customers: gm, ford, and hyundai have offered$ 1,000 rebates for traded-in toyotas.

17.the two sheets display near mirror reflections of each other, with the tigers arched across the compositions towards the center with the eagles Swooping elegantly and powerfully down behind them.

18.plunging through drifts, leaping hollows, Swooping down upon the lake, we would shoot across its gleaming surface to the opposite bank.

19.seize or catch with a Swooping motion.

20.cramped, cluttered with tables and hung with an overly garish chandelier, like a Swooping silver porcupine, the walls are wooden slats that make it hard to focus.

21.helicopters were Swooping low over the city to try to spot the animals.

22.so useful to have him Swooping around like an overgrown bat.

23.the olympic stadium, designed by japanese architect kenzo tange, remains a landmark with its trademark Swooping roof.

24.the wind were Swooping down to tease the waves.

25.british, european, japanese and canadian shoppers are Swooping on new york to take advantage of the favourable exchange rate.

26.two flights in the small propeller planes of air greenland, and i am Swooping in to illulissat, greenland's third-largest town, well north of the arctic circle.

27.they had searched for insects for their young, Swooping low over hedges and ponds ( while humans were baking bread and having arguments and darning socks).

28.a heart of universal love heart, i fervent, often help others, never in a dispute over Swooping wait for a phenomenon.

29.the falcon went into a rapid dive, Swooping to a kill.

30.she said she would have no guilt about Swooping in on some foreclosed owner who had bought a place he could not afford.

31.but the company is nevertheless widely perceived as Swooping in when it senses weakness with a seductive offer to buy.

32.its Swooping form, which suggests two boomerangs placed side by side, has been compared to a dragon.