Suspensibility Sentence Examples | Use Suspensibility in a sentence

1.the mixture was then stirred for 90 seconds and transferred quantitatively to a Suspensibility cylinder.

2.the affect of suitable compatibility of auxiliary to increase the Suspensibility of pesticide wettable powder the latter generations of rice suspension cell, the activity of extracellular pod and the cell Suspensibility curve raises at first and then declines.

4.determination method of Suspensibility of wettable powders for pesticides

5.standard test method for percent Suspensibility

6.studies on improving particle Suspensibility of cement slurries for water plugging

7.objective to prepare lappaconitine hydrobromide dispersible tablets, investigate additions that affected disintegration time and Suspensibility.

8.methods: taking the disintegration time-limit, in vitro dissolubility and Suspensibility as indices, the formula of tanshinone dispersible tablets was screened by orthogonal design.

9.Suspensibility of nd-903 was 82. 6%, and after accelerated storage by heating was 76. 9%. was shown that the yield value of colloidal silica sol slurry was increased and its Suspensibility was improved by adding some additives.

11.application of effective adjuvant on improvement Suspensibility of seed coating agent

12.the auxiliary Suspensibility of nonionics in seed clothing agent

13.Suspensibility wood is worn on, height can adjust, need not when still can come to table trice;

14.the microemulsion and nano-suspension of drug have superior Suspensibility , dispersibility and bioavailability.

15.the study of Suspensibility to seed clothing agent in naphthalene sulfonate condensate system