Suspended Sentence Examples | Use Suspended in a sentence

1.the Suspended sediment of natural streams is usually made up of grains with a broad spectrum of sizes and fall velocities.

2.since the suicide bombing in jerusalem over a week ago, abbas has Suspended talks with palestinian militant groups, including hamas.

3.exposure to a gas leak in an abandoned mine induced a former army air corps officer to lapse into a form of Suspended animation.

4.he was Suspended from school for bad conduct.

5.the union Suspended strike action this week

6.a thread cannot be Suspended if it has not been started or if it has stopped.

7.i'm talking about the concept of using Suspended animation to help people out in trauma.

8.he Suspended the constitution and assumed dictatorial powers.

9.she lay in a state of Suspended animation, waiting for dawnlight, when she would rise

10.meanwhile, melt the white chocolate in a bowl Suspended over simmering water

11.classes were Suspended that day. the standard tie, the interceptor has a ball-shaped single-pilot cockpit Suspended between a pair of bracing arms.

13.the hague conference is in Suspended animation.

14.the match had just begun when the heavens opened and play was Suspended.

15.she had been Suspended from her job for discreditable behaviour.

16.on april 29, the activities of the company were Suspended on the orders of the bank of england.

17.the discussion is Suspended for the time being.

18.julie was Suspended from her job shortly after the incident

19.earlier, ugandan mps voted unanimously to call on three senior government ministers, including the prime minister, to be Suspended.

20.his senses were all alert, his breath was Suspended, his blood had stilled its tides as if to assist the silence.

21.looking at it realistically, we're maybe going to be Suspended in the summer window and, maybe, another one after that.

22.a un official said aid programs will be Suspended until there's adequate protection for relief convoys.

23.the lawn tennis association Suspended mr castle from the british team.

24.the company's stock was Suspended from trading wednesday for failing to disclose its2009 financial results.

25.and boston's transit authority said all bus, subway and commuter rail service would be Suspended all day sunday.

26.john was given a four-month Suspended sentence.

27.the story had soon got about that he had been Suspended.

28.he was Suspended for a year from university after brawling with police over a speeding ticket

29.owing to the reason known to all the relations between the two people were Suspended for over twenty years.

30.there are numerous amoeboid nuclei Suspended in the organelle-rich cytoplasm.

31.a judge has Suspended a ban on the magazine pending a full inquiry.

32.his superiors Suspended him, and then downgraded him.

33.the ballerina remained Suspended in a faultless arabesque.

34.the light was Suspended from the ceiling.

35.negotiations are Suspended for the present.

36.the school Suspended for lack of finances. aerated flow solids are fluidized or Suspended by the gas.