Suspected Sentence Examples | Use Suspected in a sentence

1.this confirms what i Suspected all along. al-qaeda or baathist group was Suspected of trying to destabilize iraq in the run-up to a general election expected in early march.

3.agents regularly rounded up Suspected subversives.

4.they Suspected this was a double bluff on the part of cairo intelligence.

5.he is Suspected of employing trickery. one Suspected the anguish he carried on his shoulders

7.i always Suspected she owed her first job to her friendship with roger

8.i Suspected that you were lying to me but i'm still trust you. i hope that you won't deny what you've done.

9.they have been arrested as Suspected drug traffickers.

10.he Suspected that the woman staying in the flat above was using heroin

11.charges had already been made against certain officials Suspected of disloyalty.

12.he is Suspected as an accomplice of the murder.

13.the fact that no one was badly hurt, bar one of the Suspected jihadists, has made it easier for britons to shrug off the latest attacks.

14.he narrowly escaped with his life when Suspected right-wing extremists fired shots into his office.

15.the regional governor has been given powers to outlaw strikes and expel Suspected troublemakers.

16.police have released an e-fit picture of the Suspected gunman.

17.they Suspected that neville had traded secret information with mr foster.

18.these authorities carefully examine the known and Suspected risks and benefits of any vaccine prior to its licensing. was only the next day when a second coughing fit produced a bigger lump that mrs osborn Suspected something was seriously wrong.'s just as i Suspected. some birthday parties aren't for the children. they're for the adults who never grew up!

21.some experts have Suspected that the adoption of a more western diet may be at least partly to blame.

22.he Suspected elements within the south african government were conniving at the disturbances to try to weaken the anc was perfectly all right, he said, because the police had not Suspected him of anything

24.the authorities have arrested several people Suspected of espionage.

25.police are investigating the Suspected drug ring at the school.

26.the police detained the Suspected thief for further questioning.

27.frears was rushed to hospital with a Suspected heart attack.

28.hah! just as i Suspected.

29.secret investigations have netted ninety staff Suspected of fraud and theft a pre-emptive move the interior ministry arrested a number of Suspected dissidents.

31.i had long Suspected he could have autism and our community paediatrician sent him for an assessment.

32.a londoner born and bred, she Suspected that a month in the country would bore her to distraction.

33.we Suspected the telephone line was tapped.

34.he Suspected that deep down, she admired him for having the gumption to disagree with her.

35.charles darwin himself Suspected the wind of being a fickle and inefficient messenger, and that view has largely held until this day.

36.police Suspected that the boys, whose fun and games hurt a lot of people, were on drugs.

37.the u. n. resolution states that Suspected ships have to agree to be boarded or to divert to nearby ports for formal inspections.

38.the customs officers rummaged the ship Suspected to have contraband goods.

39.she was Suspected of having links with a dissident group.

40.police said they Suspected that sobhraj had accomplices who are drug smugglers