Suspect Sentence Examples | Use Suspect in a sentence

1."we Suspect that these estimates will be just as high, " she said at a who-sponsored conference on obesity in istanbul.

2.the only child of older parents, i avoided them also for, having sired such a child, they were Suspect, by association and by kinship.

3.frears was rushed to hospital with a Suspected heart attack.

4.when paul made the crack about the 'famous girl detective', i began to Suspect that he had it in for you.

5.the Suspect had been on the bus about an hour and initially did not sit near the victim, caton said.

6.the whole affair has been highly Suspect.

7.some parents hesitate to take these steps because they Suspect that their child is exaggerating

8.i Suspect you're wondering what all this is in aid of , " he said. i said yes. "

9.i Suspect that he is more or less involved in the affair.

10.i Suspect they were right

11.why do you Suspect the truth of the information?

12.the firm has taken out adverts in national newspapers to urge customers to return Suspect products

13.i Suspect that she is going to be transferred

14.doctors Suspect he may have a heart condition. have spent so long trying to obtain a particular result, that you now Suspect your objective to be impossible.

16.investigators say nearly$ 100,000 was wired into the Suspect's bank accounts.

17.police did not identify the Suspect, but said he was from alger, washington, a small town 75 miles north of seattle.

18.the Suspect had refused to give any details of his identity and had carried no documents on his person.

19.the above complaints are, i Suspect, just the tip of the iceberg

20.i Suspect this book will have the widest appeal of all

21.the police will see me as the prime Suspect!

22.i Suspect he isn't altogether unhappy about my absence

23.the act allows police to detain a Suspect for up to 48 hours

24.he Suspected that the woman staying in the flat above was using heroin

25.i strongly Suspect that most ordinary people would agree with me

26.the Suspect was taken unawares, without the chance to dispose of the evidence. don't really think webb Suspects you? was perfectly all right, he said, because the police had not Suspected him of anything

29.the government supporters are beating up anyone they Suspect of favouring the demonstrators.

30.police said they Suspected that sobhraj had accomplices who are drug smugglers

31.delegates evacuated the building when a Suspect package was found

32.more than i Suspect more than a few men have encountered the same dilemma, although under different circumstances.

33.the police say they Suspect the attack was carried out by animal rights activists.

34.what she said sounded convincing, but i Suspect it to be a lie.

35.two of his key aides and others have been detained without charge in the case, and his wife is also a Suspect.

36.greg tipped police off on his car phone about a Suspect drunk driver women really share such stupid jokes? we Suspect not.

38.i Suspect that the lawyers are going to have a field day before it's all sorted out.

39.the previous point might lead one to Suspect that this was an unlikely area for positive investment returns.