Susceptible Sentence Examples | Use Susceptible in a sentence

1.some cultivars are more Susceptible to mold damage than others.

2.the thicker the material, the less Susceptible the garment will be to wet conditions

3.birds are more Susceptible to the effects of pesticide residues and other contaminants in the environment than other animals. accordance with this, bacterial growth in heterozygous and homozygous Susceptible lines is not significantly different. contrast, antimicrobial agents kill Susceptible organisms with profound and lasting consequences.

6.recently, young people with high blood pressure have been shown to be just as Susceptible to mental decline as elderly people are.

7.the interest stemmed from studies showing vitamin a deficient animals and humans were abnormally Susceptible to respiratory infections.

8.specifically, summer flowers - may bracts Susceptible to wind down, the summer sun too hot, is often darken.

9.many high-yielding crops have been found to be particularly Susceptible to insects and pathogens.

10.some people are more Susceptible to alcohol than others.

11.james was extremely Susceptible to flattery

12.nonexposure of Susceptible plant populations to their pathogens is fairly common.

13.the author of the damning letter told the bbc that the action should at least serve as a health warning to the Susceptible public.

14.the isolate was Susceptible to voriconazole, amphotericin b, and micafungin in vitro.

15.after the age of three, girls are more Susceptible than boys, and teenage girls average three colds a year to boys'two.

16.many species of wild birds have been found Susceptible to some common viral and bacterial diseases of poultry.

17.for mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, but also for brucellosis, plague and other infections caused by Susceptible strains.

18.essentially any tool that could be used for detecting such a rootkit is Susceptible to false results due to syscall hijacking.

19.children are Susceptible to various illnesses.

20.all age groups are Susceptible to infection, but most cases have occurred in adults.

21.due to the international nature of aircraft operations, airline operators are more Susceptible to double taxation than other taxpayers.

22.staphylococci, including the strains resistant to penicillin, methicillin or other antibiotics, are particularly Susceptible to fucidin.

23.both the front and rear tyres on this model are tubeless type that are less Susceptible to sudden flattening should the tyre be punctured.

24.hers was a Susceptible nature.

25.he is ambitious and Susceptible to flattery.

26.a low immune system means that a dog is more Susceptible to viruses or skin problems.

27.goats and pigs, also Susceptible to fmd, are important source of dairy products and meat.

28.diesel exhaust is particularly aggravating to many Susceptible individuals. is desirable to lubricate the surface of the yarn so as not to make it Susceptible to damage through rubbing and chafing.

30.the abundance of medial resistant variety rice was higher than that of resistant or Susceptible varieties. many cases, plants infected with nematodes are more Susceptible to other pests and disease.

32.young people are the most Susceptible to advertisements

33.humans are extremely Susceptible to plague and may be infected either directly or indirectly.

34.he was, she believes, unusually Susceptible to women.

35.canned food: nutrients severely damaged, and packaging in contact with aluminum tin easy to pollution, Susceptible to alzheimers disease.

36.perhaps because their social status is often contingent upon their faces and bodies, women are particularly Susceptible to this effect.

37.walking with weights makes the shoulders very Susceptible to injury

38.the most Susceptible, and the first to be affected, are the intellectuals and the young students.

39.this increases the risk of dengue haemorrhagic fever epidemics by introducing new dengue viruses into Susceptible populations.

40.recent studies suggested that erythromycin may be effective in prophylaxis against pertussis in exposed, Susceptible persons.