Susceptibility Sentence Examples | Use Susceptibility in a sentence

1.the Susceptibility of plants to such infections is the result of many factors.

2.both factors contribute to the malnourishment and disease Susceptibility of3.7 billion people, he says. is very important to analyze the landslide Susceptibility for hazard evaluation and prediction.

4.the effect of electron-lattice coupling on the nonlinear Susceptibility is explained.

5.asthmatics have an increased Susceptibility to viral illnesses.

6.if Susceptibility will be known within a few days, wait for results before prescribing antibiotics.

7.what mechanisms might link sleep to cold Susceptibility?

8.the agency uses three concepts: economic and institutional strength, government financial strength and Susceptibility to event risk.

9.the development of hbv-related hepatic cirrhosis is associated with not only environmental and viral factors but also hereditary Susceptibility.

10.the changes can affect gene activity, including Susceptibility to diseases.

11.a new study in rats suggests a link between personality and cancer Susceptibility.

12.epidermal growth factor receptor mutations and Susceptibility to targeted therapy in lung cancer. evaluate drug Susceptibility, the bacteria need to be cultivated and tested in a suitable laboratory.

14.previous studies have shown that a single gene controls resistance and Susceptibility to tb in mice. may be infeasible to say whether an observed magnetic anomaly results from structural relief or from a lateral change in Susceptibility.

16.might some infectious diseases run in families because one inherits Susceptibility to them?

17.intensive breeding programmes resulting in near clonal crops may result in loss of biodiversity and Susceptibility to disease. the last, this method was applied to a concrete zoning practice about geological hazard Susceptibility.

19.of the21 enterobacteriaceae pathogen Susceptibility results showed that the majority of commonly used antibiotics are more serious resistance.

20.breast cancer exhibits familial aggregation, consistent with variation in genetic Susceptibility to the disease.

21.the authors speculated that the Susceptibility to flattery stemmed from a simple desire to feel good about themselves.

22.conclusion hsp701 gene polymorphism may be one of genetic Susceptibility factors of coronary heart disease.

23.our data did not show a significant interaction between low selenium and the Susceptibility loci in the occurrence of kashin-beck disease.

24.less revolutionary'replacement'technologies for smear, culture, and drug Susceptibility testing.

25.the Susceptibility of weak magnetic substance is difficult to be precisely measured, due to its very small value.

26.the cancer genetic markers of Susceptibility or cgems is collaboration between national cancer institute and harvard.

27.the mouse turned out to be vulnerable to a range of infections, but its Susceptibility to herpes simplex had not been tested.

28.furthermore, the results support a model in which the pathogen induces disease Susceptibility in a gene-for-gene manner. this paper, the fundamental concept of geological disaster Susceptibility, hazard vulnerability and risk are expounded.

30.objective: to understand the situation of genotype and the result of drug Susceptibility of candida albicans isolated. may even have promoted Susceptibility to the virus it was trying to curb.

32.quantitative calculation of the magnetic Susceptibility and the verdet constant in the paramagnetic medium cef_3.

33.finally, the effects of host plant on insecticide Susceptibility applied in pest management were discussed.

34.results the Susceptibility results of doxycycline and minocycline were better in curing stenotrophomonas maltophilia infection;

35.the changes of Susceptibility to deltamethrin were correlated with the selection pressure.

36.objective to investigate the pathogenesis of the Susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases in patients with psoriasis.

37.genetic studies of cancer Susceptibility have shown that most heritable risk cannot be explained by the main effects of common alleles.

38.Susceptibility to heat damage is influenced by genetically controlled factors.

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