Survived Sentence Examples | Use Survived in a sentence

1.they stayed and Survived.

2.that eric died and i Survived, that he held the gate for me rather than i for him, was pure chance.

3.he doesn't take chances; that's why he's Survived and most of his imitators haven't.

4.he Survived the earthquake after spending 3 days in an air pocket

5.edna leitch Survived a gas blast which brought her home crashing down on top of her.

6.he Survived the shipwreck. had taken him all these years to touch the hem of the infinite, he said, and it was amazing that he had Survived it all. people have Survived 400 years of slavery.

9.they are Survived by one son and five grandchildren.

10.the film tells the true story of a group who Survived in the andes in sub-zero temperatures.

11.your father Survived the crash.

12.the sun shone down on them through the living branches, and worms and flies which had somehow Survived the autumn storms crawled over them.

13.he Survived, to the amazement of surgeons.

14.all the trees planted last year have Survived.

15.unlike so many of his comrades he Survived the war.

16.she is Survived by two daughters from her first marriage. has Survived by cutting its costs to the bone spite of great peril, i have Survived was a miracle that she Survived the birth of her stillborn baby

20.not all the victims Survived

21.i think i know how i Survived that fire.

22.many of these cushions have Survived and are very collectible.

23.prosecutors argued that the baby, a twin, might have Survived if had been taken to a doctor.

24.mollen was unmarried and had no children. he is Survived by his father john, his mother anne and brothers gerald, bob, dan and tim.

25.the blast wave crushed the breath from neil, but he Survived.

26.many suffocated trying to crawl out of the tunnel, mr. zhou said. only three or four Survived.

27.the two biologists found, to their surprise, that both groups of birds Survived equally well

28.he was very lucky to have Survived the accident unhurt!

29.the island's governor, pedro gallardo, said it was extraordinary that almost everyone Survived, and joined a chorus calling it a miracle.

30.he Survived in spite of suffering grievous injuries.

31.after all, she had Survived all this time on her own, and had supplemented the empire's finest training with hard-earned field experience.

32.the statue Survived through minus a leg.

33.he died, and was Survived by wife and three children.

34.and one patient Survived a transplantation for more than a year, but died when he chose not to take immunosuppressive drugs.

35.but you did survive! we Survived!

36.Survived as a litter bearer in wwii. when he got home, he would always pray for his kid brother. he was a great farmer.'s all right. i Survived. i'm alive again.

38.democracy Survived the civil war and the developing industrial leviathan and struggled on into the twentieth century.