Surreptitious Sentence Examples | Use Surreptitious in a sentence

1.even before black mirror was shown in the united states, mr. brooker said he began hearing from hollywood types who were finding it on shady torrent sites or getting Surreptitious dvd copies or whatever.

2.authorization to search for stolen goods she carried out a Surreptitious search of his belongings.

3.she carried out a Surreptitious search of his belongings.

4.he gave her a Surreptitious look as he took four more of her cookies.

5.rong rong's photographs convey the drama and mystery of these Surreptitious performances.

6.the ui of the system presented in the present thesis is friendly, simple, stable, safe and Surreptitious. the system can realize the share of information resource, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of teaching management.

7.they had several Surreptitious conversations.

8.with eccentric and Surreptitious style, the novel breaks the traditional way of narration and the existing models of value as well as the logic and order of the rational world.

9.she gave him a Surreptitious look as she ③ took ② four more of his sweets.

10.a female agent could powder her nose while sneaking a Surreptitious peak at code hidden in the mirror of this handy dual-use compact.

11.we always assumed it was nerves, or a Surreptitious attempt to glance at their wristwatch.

12.i do not mind you smoking occasionally& there's no need to be so Surreptitious about it!

13.this Surreptitious system of truck, barter and exchange might eventually be the kernel of a more dynamic market economy.

14.the Surreptitious mobilization of troops in preparation for a sneak attack.

15.sneaking Surreptitious pelagic spawning between a subordinate male and female within the territory of a dominant male.

16.his Surreptitious behaviour naturally aroused suspicion.

17.she sneaked a Surreptitious glance at her watch.

18.took a Surreptitious glance at his watch;

19.had we been accompanied by my father, the loud harassment would have been replaced with more Surreptitious gestures.

20.brin: but some people do Surreptitious things. they try to influence the system. major impediment to the production of a vaccine is chlamydia's Surreptitious way of wreaking havoc on the body.

22.and so it was that she began to indulge in Surreptitious christian practices.

23.he made a Surreptitious entrance to the club through the little door in the brick wall