Supplementing Sentence Examples | Use Supplementing in a sentence

1.influence of Supplementing qi and nourishing yin prescriptions on hemorheology in unprompted transfer process of cervix cancer

2.observation of Supplementing qi and activating blood circulation in patients with hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage

3.they are selecting and adjusting the contents of the text, expanding and Supplementing the text and finally students'participation in the text.

4.these two tools can add value to your overall assessment, but Supplementing them with other input options is highly recommended.

5.martin-as he had promised-helped yvonne, Supplementing her learning with his practical experience. can choose from alternative workflows that you can use to create a web service performing a single function of Supplementing the simm.

7.there is a clear trend to improve separations by Supplementing the use of trays by additions of packings.

8.Supplementing an autonomous response by eurozone countries would be consistent with the imf aims. of the mechanism of the Supplementing qi and nourishing yin therapy to chf is adjusting the modulin of the heart.

10.correspondingly, he attached importance to the method of Supplementing the water and fire in treatment. april, three fukushima residents started Supplementing government monitoring by doing their own testing around the city.

12.the clinical and empirical study of Supplementing qi and activating blood for dispersing accumulation method on pulmonary fibrosis

13.j2ee implementations usually provide additional information about the problem by Supplementing the soap fault element with a content of the execution stack.

14.and the water Supplementing assembly is installed between an external water inlet pipe and a tap water supply pipe.

15.angelicae sinensis decoction for Supplementing blood; glomerular mesangial cells; diabetic nephropathy;

16.clinical observation on chronic glomerulonephritis treated by Supplementing qi and nourishing yin prescription might be a trader doing business part-time, Supplementing your full-time income by putting to use your expertise in a certain field.

18.the relationship between efficiency and fairness is not absolutely contradictive but unified dialectically by Supplementing each other. fact, many large companies are looking to acquisitions as a means of Supplementing their weak organic growth.

20.i suggest Supplementing your diet with vitamins e and a.

21.objective to investigate the anti-aging effect of strengthening spleen and Supplementing lung on skin.

22.finally, the editor of an enterprising monthly magazine reprinted the poem, Supplementing it by a photograph and biography of presley.

23.conclusions: Supplementing qi and promoting blood circulation was one of more effective methods for viral myocarditis treatment.

24.detoxification, invigorating blood circulation maybe Supplementing qi are three basic methods in treating hypertension in tcm.

25.Supplementing qi and nourishing yin prescription combined with chemotherapy for 30 cases with non-small cell lung cancer

26.effects of Supplementing qi and blood and tonifying liver method on leukemic inhibitory factor and leptin during external fertilization-embryo transplantation

27.Supplementing endocrine secretions to their optimal levels can slow down the rate of aging and treat many age-related diseases.

28.within two years, i was writing as much as paddling, the money i made as a guide Supplementing the money i made as a writer.

29.effect of Supplementing qi and activating blood circulation on expression of angiopoietin-1 in rats with intracerebral hemorrhage

30.a gloss is a short explanation used as an instrument for Supplementing useful information within the entries in dictionaries.

31.this crowd is often Supplementing its earnings with 'gray' income, which can include kickbacks, bribes and the like.

32.result onychomycosis was cured by Supplementing intestinal probiotics.

33.Supplementing with bcaa's has been shown to result in measurable gains in both muscle strength and size.

34.the new law will cover everything from liabilities to safety and transparency standards, Supplementing earlier regulations.

35.discussion on treating lung cancer based on Supplementing qi and nourishing yin Supplementing imf resources, this change would have bolstered confidence in the global economy.

37.studies have suggested that Supplementing with dha, which is found in fish oil, is beneficial for the development and maintenance of memory performance.

38.effect of Supplementing qi to invigorate the spleen herbs on exercise endurance in patients with stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease