Sunup Sentence Examples | Use Sunup in a sentence

1.the culex mosquitoes that usually spread west nile tend to bite at Sunup and sundown, which is why risk is heightened at those times of day. the ground approached, abu dhabi released more funds and the Sunup was eventually paid on time.

3.from Sunup to sundown, muslims don't eat, drink, smoke or have sex.

4.the sky would be clear from Sunup to sundown in florida.

5.from Sunup to sundown my father, my younger brother and i worked in the large yards in a rich part of atlanta, georgia. Sunup, jonathan gull was practicing again. addition to his work teaching executive master of business administration ( emba) courses at many of china` s top universities, ye is also the founder of Sunup consulting co ltd, a beijing-based strategic consulting company. get some sleep. we're hitting the road at Sunup.

9.get to work before Sunup.

10.we worked from Sunup to sunset.

11.i'll meet you at Sunup.

12.nanjing Sunup granulation equipment co. , ltd.

13.from Sunup to sundown, muslims do not eat, drink, smoke or have sex.

14.the sky would be clear from Sunup to sundown in florida. the winds would be warm and tropical.

15.a man could kill from Sunup to sunset.