Summering Sentence Examples | Use Summering in a sentence

1.many researches on the epidemic characters of the wheat powdery mildew had been done in hubei province by the methods of system observing and planting in basin. the result shows that the over-Summering conidia are the resource of primary infection of wheat powdery mildew.

2.a comparative experiment on new varieties of muskmelon in over-Summering culture by using sunshade nets

3.the Summering advantages of zhangjiakou city are the most evident although the proper touring period of chengde city and qinhuangdao city. on suitable Summering age and chromosome double of winter wheat anther plantlets summer, there are many people who come from the different area in the world to visit Summering manor.

6.with some representative index system and scientific standard of the evaluation of turf quality, an analysis was made on their density, coverage, color, texture, uniformity, green period, grassing speed, wintering and Summering rate.

7.this text analyzes the reasons of bridge structural crack, and points out how the crack of brick and stone Summering and reinforced concrete formed, accordingly, provides several disposing measures, introduces briefly construction procession, and provides guidance for maintaining and reinforcing bridges.

8.the process includes inheriting traditional knowledge, choosing academic knowledge, absorbing overseas knowledge, Summering experienced knowledge, appearing tacit knowledge, and so on. 2 、 processes of producing knowledge are different in different stages of language knowledge production.

9.secondly, through analyzing and Summering the physiological and psychological characteristics of and cognitive features of the aged, the author wants to offer a basis for household medical products emotional design of the aged.

10.molecular epidemiology of puccinia striiformis f.sp. tritici from over Summering areas in northwest china

11.experiment of Summering and autumn breeding of chinese bees Summering the history of photography, i bring up the question on the reality of photography.

13.the reason and precaution of Summering cracking clover and orchardgrass which were relatively resistant to soil drought and slight high temperature had better over& Summering, relatively high yield and good forage quality could be adapted for the cultivation at the hill land and plain.

15.the main geological bases of the climate Summering effect of zhangjiakou are the sea-land position in the remote land, the relative higher height above sea level and the landforms between plateaus and mountains.

16.based on Summering predecessors work, this paper analyses the destroy mechanism of oil and gas reservoirs and their actual examples through the four aspect of uplift and denudation of crust, activity of faults, movement of underground water and gas diffusion.

17.and the experience and apocalypse its bringing to us are also worthy of studying, Summering and making use of.

18.the evaluation of the climatic resources Summering effect of zhangjiakou city& the research comparing with that of chengde city and qinhuangdao city

19.the main factor to cause absconding during Summering was short of honey or harm by great wax-moths.

20.studies on over-Summering and primary infectious pathogen of strawberry powdery mildew in greenhouses in east zhejiang

21.Summering the literacy experience since the founding of new china and gaining a new method of a new mechanism and new ideas for innovative literacy are very meaningful and necessary research topics.

22.there are still close to10,000 elk wintering in yellowstone and perhaps double that number Summering in the park. on the Summering birds in the yellow river delta on the ecology of Summering birds and birds striking avoidance in guilin liangjiang airport

25.over-wintering and over-Summering of wheat leaf rust and stem rust in sichuan

26.then the thesis raises the fact that anthropological method is superior to the dialect method in respect of science, and made a Summering retrospection on the accomplishments of anthropology in the 19th.

27.there are a lot tour resorts there, especially Summering manor, which is well known in the world.

28.there are still close to 10, 000 elk wintering in yellowstone and perhaps double that number Summering in the park.

29.and reviewing and Summering on the theory of financial analysis of the many studies both at home and abroad to point out the latest developments of financial analysis.

30.measures of control over-Summering pathogen of wheat stripe rust in kongtong district

31.located in chengde city district Summering manor, wulie river north of west area narrow valleys.

32.cultivation and management of cold season lawn for its over-Summering

33.elementary talk of anti-seismic Summering structure

34.these results will provide the basic data and mathematical model for determining the over Summering zones of wheat powdery mildew.

35.the reason and precaution of Summering cracking wall crack and relevant prevention