Subterranean Sentence Examples | Use Subterranean in a sentence

1.on earth, andesites typically form when descending tectonic plates mix water into Subterranean molten rock.

2.the Subterranean forces governing her behaviour gradually led her to change her life. now a Subterranean ghost town.

4.he was an old fellow who had devoted the better part of a long life to the perfection of a mechanical Subterranean prospector.

5.for decades, the tunnels, hundreds of meters below the surface, have hosted Subterranean convalescents. has 9 miles of such Subterranean passages.

7.the Subterranean heat mining to cause the ground sink and crack forecast of xi'an city

8.but Subterranean suburbia, dutch-style, is about to become respectable and chic.

9.despite all the Subterranean social influences, there still is that final stage of decision-making when individual choice matters.

10.the superficial world of appearances, i thought, was the product of a Subterranean world of effort and drive.

11.Subterranean data centers may keep computer equipment cool while expending less energy than conventional designs.

12.confirming the presence of liquid water on mars would open the possibility for Subterranean environments that might harbor living organisms.'s not super light--reading by it would be difficult and eye-straining--but certainly beautiful in an unearthly or Subterranean way.

14.a Subterranean flow of briny water could rearrange sand grains or alter surface roughness in a way that darkens its appearance.

15.he recalled his arrival on the island, his presentation to a smuggler chief, a Subterranean palace full of splendor, an excellent supper, and a spoonful of hashish. addition to the underground tubes, london is crisscrossed with an endless array of other Subterranean tunnels.

17.though long dry, these Subterranean thoroughfares are literally everywhere beneath the city of london.

18.tall to Subterranean water level or soil is sticky heavy nectarine garden, want improved soil, seasonable catchment. the reader sees, the Subterranean labyrinth of paris is to-day more than ten times what it was at the beginning of the century. in this paper can provide useful information for design and constructing of Subterranean structures. why does japan have so many above-ground power grids when so many other countries have gone Subterranean?

22.but more worrying than these official numbers are the inflationary pressures springing from a Subterranean world of informal finance.

23.this torch of the names of the streets of paris, with which we are illuminating for the reader jean valjean's Subterranean march, jean valjean himself did not possess.

24.the obvious assumption was that this was some kind of Subterranean slum.

25.scientists believe these holes form when the ceiling of a Subterranean lava tube collapses, possibly due to a meteorite strike.

26.we wandered through Subterranean passages.

27.edible Subterranean fungus of the genus tuber.

28.Subterranean works beneath the tower include the jubilee line station, an underground car park and sewers.

29.but, like the smoke seeping from its Subterranean peat fires, signs of discontent are filtering up from russia's free-speaking blogosphere.

30.during her captivity she was held in a Subterranean bunker which was initially equipped with just a bed, toilet and sink.

31.all the buildings are connected with Subterranean tunnels.

32.Subterranean rodents are rodents which live in special ecotope.

33.but closure of this one Subterranean channel into the u.s. semi-conductor industry troubled the soviets only slightly. has to be to cut a path between the capital's Subterranean maze of sewers, tube lines and underground rivers.

35.drift in silence in the dark on the Subterranean lake and gaze up at the spectacular living lightshow.

36.david spends twelve hours a day as a swashbuckling explorer in a Subterranean world of dungeons and elves.

37.mole cricket is to live in Subterranean, the house freely crisscross inside it, very complex, hide in the hole by day, rely on to take crops and vegetable root and tender bine life, arrived evening just runs the activity outside unkennel.

38.this paper discusses the relations between the site factors and the species of Subterranean pest of eucalyptus globulus and e.

39.i do gis, advocate if Subterranean space is three-dimensional visible analyse with the space.