Substituted Sentence Examples | Use Substituted in a sentence

1.with unbroken will, he had stood by his position with regard to her, he had Substituted pity for all his hostility.

2.topological study of the biodegradability of Substituted phenols and benzoic acids

3.he wanted something for his cough but i couldn't find the cough syrup. i Substituted ex-lax and told him to take it all at once.

4.the name of the first beneficiary may be Substituted for that of the applicant in the credit.

5.plastic forms recently have been Substituted for wooden ones.

6.six kinds of Substituted piperazine were synthesized, and the structures of these compounds were identified by1hnmr? ir and elemental analysis.

7.he Substituted for the worker who was ill.

8.synthetic rubber has Substituted natural rubber in many fields.

9.this occurs when lower-level information is Substituted for a user or system goal in the use case.

10.first, the parameters from a real world problem can be Substituted into a complex form, as presented in the last chapter.

11.desserts can be Substituted by a portion of fresh fruit

12.gulacsi was Substituted only at the end of the game and it was more important for him that he made his debut in the senior team.

13.then , people did not know that the beautiful sounds of the music from the amplifiers made of the electric tubes could not be Substituted.

14.these amine Substituted acid may polymenze in an analogous manner to unsubst ituted oxo-anions.

15.we evaded the soviet proposal of banning nuclear weapons in war and Substituted for it a clause abjuring the threat of force in peacetime.

16.tom Substituted for the injured player.

17.i may not have Substituted enough leisure for work and fear i am about to pay the price.

18.biaryl Substituted pyrazole compounds are sodium channel blockers useful for the treatment of pain and other conditions.

19.animals or bread dummies had been Substituted for the victim.

20.we Substituted tea for wine at the banquet.

21.he might have landed the wrong way, i don't know. i will have to see it again. straight away he wanted to be Substituted.

22.research on the product selectivity influenced by reaction conditions in synthesizing the meso Substituted asymmetric porphyrins

23.these mutations-where one letter of the dna code is Substituted for another-are a first step in evolution.

24.shiva then brought his own son there and Substituted his head with that of gajasura.

25.effects of Substituted groups of poly-β-cyclodextrin derivatives on their adsorption for fuchsin blocks are sometimes Substituted for ordinary bricks. can also express that, in a particular context, no subtype of productcode type can be Substituted.

28.he Substituted for you in the death.

29.she Substituted for my other teacher. of the most frustrating paradigms in the modern workplace is that "staying busy" is often Substituted for "staying efficient. "

31.elimination of an alkyl chain Substituted on an aromatic ring results in the appearance of free radicals. this point, american trade law Substituted for its tariff law. on synthesis and biology activity of Substituted benzimidazoles derivatives

34.the test variable is then Substituted for the test's recorded values ( username and password).

35.i Substituted your name for mine on the list.

36.if the file is valid, it is Substituted into the main file with xml_include().

37.this will break the link between the Substituted text and its source in the previous response.

38.i take a large block coconut oil which was Substituted for the fat.

39.synthesis and fluorescent performance of some halogenated phenyl Substituted imidazole derivatives; the fluorescence quenching of these emissive compounds in solution by halogen anions was studied carefully.