Suboxide Sentence Examples | Use Suboxide in a sentence

1.niobium Suboxide anode for electrolytic capacitor in the present study has such features as high specific capacity, small leakage current, steady capability and high reliability. of nb reduction for preparation of niobium Suboxide as electrolytic capacitor anode material

3.the electrolytic capacitor anode of titanium Suboxide concerned in this paper have the advantage of high capacity, little leakage current, resourceful and low cost. of mg reduction for preparation of niobium Suboxide new material for electrolytic capacitor anode

5.titania slag quenching and cooling is very good, for it greatly lowers the transformation degree from titanium Suboxide to rutile.

6.the results show that the dissolution of ag was restrained by forming of a silver Suboxide film on the surface under low oxidant concentration and atmospheric pressure conditions ( e.g., in nh_3-o_2-h_2o system);

7.niobium Suboxide anode is prepared with method similar to that for tantalum electrolytic capacitor and its electric property is investigated by electrolytic capacitor anode testing.

8.while under oxygen-combustion atmosphere, the high co2 ( g) concentration and decrease of char temperature would restrain the vaporization of trace element to a certain extent, meanwhile the translation of trace element to simple substance qr Suboxide would also be restrained.

9.the relationship between oxygen content of titanium Suboxide, particle size, doped nbo and its electrical properties is studied.

10.preparation of new electrolytic capacitor anode of niobium Suboxide this paper, several methods for preparing titanium Suboxide are given and its wide uses in new areas are mentioned. of high energy ball milling for preparation of niobium Suboxide anode material for new electrolytic capacitor

13.due to the influence of properties, resource and cost, anode material of electrolytic capacitor changed from al to ta, nb and Suboxide in turn.