Subordinate Sentence Examples | Use Subordinate in a sentence the army, lieutenants are Subordinate to captains.

2.those in Subordinate positions will follow the example set by their superiors.

3.back in 1944, the united states was not prepared to Subordinate the dollar to a global currency over which it would have little control.

4.neither is Subordinate to the other.

5.article 4 a Subordinate debt of a securities company with a term of two years or more shall be a long-term Subordinated debt.

6.the paper describes the design of the security module and Subordinate security modules in detail.

7.( grammar) serving to connect a Subordinate clause to a main clause. his only Subordinate, i argued that i should be appointed deputy chief economist.

9.all this analysis and theorizing was used to explain the fact that the elements of religion was Subordinate to the link of belief.

10.a sentence composed of at least one main clause and one Subordinate clause.

11.the connect_by_root operator is used in this example to return the manager's employee number for the appropriate Subordinate.

12.when a Subordinate finishes a first assignment quickly, the unimaginative manager often is at a loss for a next assignment.

13.if she could Subordinate her ambition to the service of her new president and her country, then she could make a fine secretary of state.

14.sequel literary work is often neglected in literary criticism due to its Subordinate status.

15.the lower level is Subordinate to the higher level.; the lower level Subordinates itself to the higher level.

16.women were regarded as Subordinate to free men.

17.he handed the case down to one of his Subordinate officers.

18.nearly all her Subordinates adored her. assistant or Subordinate bishop of a diocese. aggregated levels, members are based on aggregations of Subordinate levels.

21.a distinct and often Subordinate group within a group.

22.he was both willing and able to Subordinate all else to this aim.

23.haig tended not to seek guidance from Subordinates

24.all the other issues were Subordinate to this one.

25.the minority is Subordinate to the majority.

26.there are major and minor principles in everything, and the minor principles are all Subordinate to the major.

27.the state tobacco monopoly administration will be Subordinate to the ministry of industry and informatization.

28.the best way to get on your good side is to work with you as a team member and partner, not as a peer or Subordinate.

29.the research institute is Subordinate to that university.

30.the main clause and Subordinate clause of compound sentence must have subject and predicate, as same as the simple sentence.

31.the research team decided to do an experiment. they tried to fatten up some of the Subordinate gobies to see what happened.

32.the paper demonstrates the position, role and problem of geological prospecting Subordinate enterprise. was an art in which words were Subordinate to images.

34.having partial rights and privileges or Subordinate status.

35.2 exceptions to the decisions or recommended decisions of Subordinate employees or to tentative agency decisions;

36.the Subordinate officials in the government offices to which he had been successively attached feared and hated him.

37.order the Subordinate ( troops) to act immediately! procuring agency may be Subordinate to any government department or have other relationship of interest with it.

39.sixty of his Subordinate officers followed his example let the Subordinate lose the basic trust feeling boss, only then was most dangerous.