Stumped Sentence Examples | Use Stumped in a sentence was the only one that momentarily Stumped me for an appropriate answer.

2.will you help me with this crossword puzzle? it got me Stumped.

3.powdered root of what to an infusion of what ? harry glanced at ron, who looked as Stumped as he was; hermione's hand had shot into the air.

4.instead she Stumped up rmb 100 and made a further private donation after work.

5.when it comes to how to communicate the benefits of vaccines to a skeptical public, experts are Stumped.

6.he sends his teacher e-mail when he is Stumped.

7.well, maybe i Stumped you on that one.

8.he Stumped angrily up the stairs.

9.the marshal stepped over the vacuum-cleaner and Stumped out of the room.

10.i Stumped my toe against the doorsill.

11.after hearing the news, he Stumped angrily out of the room.

12.drake says the bomb squad is Stumped.

13.he turned and Stumped away angrily.

14.meanwhile, the poor Stumped ants travelled only about six metres before they started their search.

15.climbing awkwardly down from the wagon, he Stumped toward her and, bending, kissed her cheek.

16.john is Stumped by an unexpected question would, he said, most likely be Stumped, simply because it wouldn't understand the linguistic construction in the second half of the clue.

18.he Stumped up the stairs.

19.well, this Stumped people for awhile linus pauling until another fellow came along: linus pauling.

20.if you're still Stumped, use the template discussion boards to ask fellow users for advice.

21.the local constabulary has been Stumped as of late with the frequent disappearance of small mechanical devices around the city.

22.i Stumped him with a question.

23.i normally don't ask for help from people, especially someone i don't know, but this situation has me Stumped.

24.having proved his point, dr wittlinger returned both Stumped and stilted ants to the nest and gave them a few days to recover.

25.he was Stumped by the questions and remained tongue-tied for a good while.'ve got me Stumped; i don't know the answer.

27.but he was still Stumped by extremely sincere, well? meaning people who insisted they had seen something strange in the sky.

28.the government let foreigners decide what to invest in, and then Stumped up a hefty share of the money required.

29.throwing down his paper with a snort of impatience, the teacher Stumped across to the door.

30.all the examination candidates were Stumped by the second question.

31.if you have a chronic heath concern, or a question that has Stumped your doctors, this month's sterling energies will encourage you to seek one more opinion. green Stumped up$ 100 for his son's debts.'ve Stumped me& what is the total mass of the moon? parents had read about this parlor game in a magazine, how girls across the country were being Stumped by the answer.'s an age-old puzzle that's Stumped generations of scientists.

36.but he was Stumped by one question.

37.bush had famously been Stumped by the same question at the end of his first term, saying he could not think of any.

38.this can be the local officials Stumped, so she pepper children, flowers show called negotiation.