Stuffing Sentence Examples | Use Stuffing in a sentence

1.from the kapok tree; used for Stuffing and insulation.

2.she enjoys roast chicken-no Stuffing, just bbq or teriyaki.

3.the pillow struck the wall and burst, scattering Stuffing everywhere just as dolorous edd tollett poked his head through the door.

4.old clothes can be reused for the bodies of toys or for the Stuffing.

5.he thought, if she sees this, she'll think i'm totally crazy, and he began picking up the trash and Stuffing it back in the garbage can.

6.the breaking knife is used for cutting vegetables and meat into Stuffing. latex of waterborne polyurethane can be used as cliff material to coat Stuffing in nepe propellant.

8.the children have been Stuffing themselves with cakes all morning.

9.put Stuffing into the cavity and truss the bird.

10.the Stuffing box is machined relative to the seat minimizing seat and external leakage simultaneously.

11.a time of turkeys, Stuffing, and pumpkin pie.

12.after Stuffing his face full of food, he broke up with me and said he'd re-enlisted into the marines, leaving in two weeks.

13.instead he would weave dry grass and reeds into small nets, Stuffing them with feathers and moss.

14.years of Stuffing my feelings into a deep, dark hole finally crushed most of my ability to have feelings at all.

15.chicken is often cooked with a sage and onion Stuffing . minimize pilferage and quality loss we have guar gum Stuffing in-house unit for directly loading into containers.

17.the smooth length of brass or steel rod that moves up and down through the Stuffing box or packing gland of a sucker rod pump.

18.once these ingredients are grinded together, the Stuffing is squeezed into sausage casings.

19.howard, let me get you some Stuffing.

20.he still stood behind his cash register Stuffing his mouth with popcorn.

21.i said to a few of the ladies around me as we took turns Stuffing our noses into the ziploc bags.

22.i told him plainly that if he ever said such a thing again. i would knock the Stuffing out of him. you can see, it is vietnamese spring rolls with vegetables Stuffing.

24.b: well, turkey, of course, but she made this great Stuffing with sausages and apples.

25.she had already mixed the Stuffing for the dumplings.

26.Stuffing box – optional lantern rings and grease injectors are available.

27.the juicy turkey is usually accompanied with a seasoned bread Stuffing and thick cranberry sauce.

28.he was Stuffing his gob full of chips. i went in, sat down and ordered two types of jiao zi (one with a vegetable Stuffing, one with pork), stir-fried vegetables and a beer., i'm thinking about, um, your Stuffing, mom, which looks delicious.

31.2 the salt, the seasoning, the vegetables and the meat mix, stirs thestuffed dumpling Stuffing.

32.the stuffed animal is comprised of textile material for the cover, Stuffing, two eyes and a nose.

33.he gave thanks for the turkey, the Stuffing, the christmas pudding, even the cranberry sauce.

34.chestnuts can be used at christmas time, as a Stuffing for turkey, guinea fowl or chicken.

35.this equipment is used for blending the cream into tasty Stuffing in the wafer.

36.yuanxiao is a kind of sweet dumpling, which is made with sticky rice flour filled with sweet Stuffing.

37.he said the dumplings with the Stuffing of pork and leek were his favourite.

38.that's called Stuffing. you make it with bread and vegetables.