Studied Sentence Examples | Use Studied in a sentence

1.i Studied in the same school with them for three years.

2.'we both have an interesting 10 days coming up,' said alex ferguson with Studied understatement.

3.he Studied the keyboard carefully, one finger poised.

4.he Studied physics in beijing university for two years.

5.she said it's quite common for women to leak small amounts of urine while laughing or sneezing, but that's not what was Studied here.

6.tracy had Studied spanish for two years, so she sort of understood the mexican soap opera.

7.she lost her heart to the young man with whom she had Studied and worked for so long.

8.she Studied painting from 1926 and also worked as a commercial artist

9.he has not Studied mechanics or engineering.

10.just because you have Studied mathematics, you think you know everything about computer. you have become such a smarty pants.

11.she Studied eight foreign languages but is fluent in only six of them

12.he Studied sculpture because he enjoyed working with clay.

13.since question asking and answering is one of the classroom teaching activities, it has to be Studied in the research on effective teaching. the curtis institute he Studied conducting with fritz reiner. first he Studied architecture, but later he switched to geology.

16.the investigators Studied flight recorders salvaged from the wreckage.

17.he Studied philosophy and psychology at cambridge.

18.both Studied sculpture.

19.if i had not Studied english, i would never be here to teach you grammar today.

20.fernandez Studied the socioeconomic backgrounds of new recruits. is easy to say they desire to learn, but how much they could learn and whether they have really Studied are entirely different.

22.she Studied me with her sharp bright and beautiful eyes.

23.many toxic effects can be Studied at the cellular level.

24.he Studied his map, trying to memorize the way to rose's street.

25.gathered together, the old, the middle-aged and the young Studied side by side and encouraged each other.

26.the medium effects are Studied by taking account of the surface potential in a simple hp-lattice model.

27.debbie Studied her friend's face for a moment.

28.len Studied it a moment in the beam of his flashlight

29.single body with five bows are ready to emit, spread, cover, match, and swallow should be pondered and Studied profoundly.

30.he Studied classical architecture and design in rome.

31.he also Studied the ancient stone tablets from around the pyramids. college he Studied english and did amateur boxing.

33.elizabeth Studied mathematics and classics.

34.he came to oxford as a rhodes scholar and Studied law.

35.the education of chinese medicine mainly is often in the training course performed by the associations or Studied by someone-self, etc.

36.she Studied his face, but it betrayed nothing

37.he came to oxford and Studied law

38.he Studied math in college. the end of last week , i had Studied english here for a year and a half .