Stubby Sentence Examples | Use Stubby in a sentence

1.he spoke words slowly, thrusting a Stubby finger toward his face.

2.they have short, Stubby tails and long, sharp fangs.

3.without a keyboard or mouse, and only a Stubby finger to flick, creation seemed like it would be troublesome at best., with just these two genes, not tens or hundreds, the scientists found the potential to recreate beaks, massive or Stubby or elongated.

5.about three feet (one meter) long, it had a flattened body and short, Stubby limbs. that a korean-bred horse? he's got Stubby legs.

7.the long muscular legs, coupled with short Stubby paws, make them look anything but olympic athletes.

8.he nodded and puffed on a Stubby pipe as he listened.

9.when it's time for takeoff, the driver activates controls that deploy a set of Stubby, fold-down wings.

10.hence, a Stubby antennas of interphone, based on the theory of helical antenna and can operate at 420mhz~ 460mhz, is simulated and optimum designed by using hfss.

11.the stiletto was nine inches long, with an engraved handle and a Stubby little cross piece, its needlelike point was extremely sharp.

12.helical antenna satisfies the demand for the Stubby antenna miniaturization. it has a rapid development in recent years.

13.short and Stubby hands and absent thumbs, eye abnormalities including iris dysgenesis, porokeratosis and cataracts, annular pancreas, duodenal stenosis.

14.zanders was a little man, dark, with a short Stubby mustache, and a shrewd though not highly intelligent eye.

15.with increasing of silicon content, the quantity of carbon atom melting to the austenite decreases, the number of silicon atom increases and the flake graphite will be Stubby and spherical.

16.even the lowliest pandaren is capable of defending himself, using the fangs and Stubby but needle-like claws that are a natural part of his body.

17.did it push you closer towards the iphone or did it make you realise just how much you loved the Stubby little swine?

18.they try to run but end up scattering like bowling pins, fainting with their four Stubby legs pointing toward the sky.

19.incidence of apple Stubby root disease and species identification of pathogenetic nematodes

20."i thought your side disapproved of guns, " said crowley. he took the gun from the angel's plump hand and sighted along the Stubby barrel.

21.the african elephant has a larger body and big, floppy ears, while the indian elephant is a little smaller and has small, Stubby ears.

22.she was making marks in a book with a Stubby pencil.

23.a combination of small touch targets and Stubby fingers leaves you trying multiple times to press a button on screen, for example, or tapping on the wrong item and ending up in another app or on a different web page than you intended.'s Stubby little crossover, with a tall roof, short wheelbase, standard all-wheel drive and spacious greenhouse, is not quite like any other vehicle on the road. gas drive ( gas channeling) features of gas cap heavy oil reservoir and countermeasures against

25.the bird was frantically beating it Stubby wings.

26.preliminary study on the resistance mechanism of apple rootstock to a Stubby root nematode

27.from the sample code tab on the Stubby document, copy the example agent code that was generated and paste it into the agent.

28.pushing aside thicker, grittier soil, dardo dug Stubby fingers in and came up with a fistful of darkish sekiton mixed with sand.

29.he has Stubby fingers. the case of men, the body accounts for more of the structure, and the legs are relatively Stubby.

31.moonlit night, Stubby pines.

32.goat-like antelope of central eurasia having a Stubby nose like a proboscis. effect of short term using of intranasal steroids spray on bone mineral density in the children

33.a short Stubby hand argues a lack of sensibility.

34.identification of the nematodes causing the Stubby root disease in rhizospheric soils of hydrangea macrophylla

35.her upper canine teeth are more like the Stubby teeth of modern people than the long, sharp ones of chimps.

36.for bog blokes resembled nothing more than a small and skeletal dead tree, with twisted arms appearing as Stubby limbs.

37.after the modification with re at temperature around 800 c, we have got granular and Stubby eutectic silicon.

38.the overhead cleaner, core spinning for spandex and Stubby yarn spinning devices are options for customers to choose.