Striation Sentence Examples | Use Striation in a sentence

1.carbon impurity concentration decreased from cell wall, vicinity of cell wall to denuded zone sequentially and Striation distribution existed.

2.investigation on the procedure of pipe laser cutting and the model of generation of Striation on cut surface

3.the Striation spacing in heat affect zone and welded seam samples was wider than that in matrix sample, this shows that fatigue crack propagation resistance of heat affect zone and welded seam was smaller than that of matrix.

4.fracture analysis showed that accumulative damage under creep/ fatigue interaction made the fracture morphology changed from transgranular Striation to intergranular mechanism which characterizes creep fracture.

5.the spectrum radiance in bright and dark region of Striation discharge is studied experimentally.

6.the presence of Striation area is one of the main characteristic on the surface generated by abrasive jet.

7.the cause analyses and model study of Striation on cut surface generated by abrasive jet

8.application of support vector machines in examination of worn Striation mark

9.they need to inspect the metal for definitive signs of Striation marks ( which would be consistent with chemical explosive, like semtex, which they quickly discovered on the inside of the fuselage of pan am 103) and for the shape of the metal.

10.the chief character of fracture is fatigue Striation and dimple.

11.a model of generation of Striation based on the diffusion reaction of iron and oxygen was given.

12.the discrete point cloud data sampling from the Striation figure is common.

13.the crack celerity expand to form the fatigue Striation when puff part adequacy long in the positive stress.

14.sori - Striation - defects or contaminations found in the shape of a helix.

15.local unclear transverse Striation of muscle fiber was seen in group c;

16.and with sobel edge detection, skeleton extraction, hough transformation another method is proposed on the recognition for needle like or Striation texture ingredient. the experimental results show that the methods proposed in this paper are efficient.

17.the fatigue fracture characteristics were fatigue Striation, ductile microvoid, and quasi-cleavage-like fracture characteristic.

18.crack growth area mainly has the fatigue Striation, with secondary cracks, torn edges, quasi-cleavage fracture.

19.the fatigue stresses can be estimated with Striation widths on fracture surface for titanium alloys under experimental and service conditions.

20.aiming to the real working condition of the rubber Striation roll press, this paper analyses the geometry deformation of Striation groove in pressing stress, which is useful for the further studying of the Striation press dehydration.

21.research on pre-processing method of metal fatigue Striation in complex background

22.the presence of Striation area is one of the main characteristic on the surface generated by abrasive jet . approach of mesh and Striation texture recognition for ore microscope image classification

24.theory and method in determining the orientation of principal stress by fault Striation

25.this is the important cause which explains why the macro-growth rate is greater than the micro-growth rate ( the Striation spacing) even in the relatively low growth-rate range of fatigue crack.

26.muscle tissue sarcolemma sarcoplasma sarcoplasmic reticulum skeletal muscle cross Striation myosin tropomyosin myofilament

27.the be bearing Striation altered rock played a vital role in ore prospecting and forecasting and provides a new concept for ore searching.

28.shape-reconstruction to discrete point cloud data sampling from the Striation figure is one of important research contents of it.

29.moving Striation in plasma and chaos emission of he-ne lasers

30.Striation filter and its optimization method

31.abstrac this paper presents a signal processor for realizing a group-asymmetrical pwm controller ( gapwm), which is used to eliminate Striation effect in a fluorescent lamp. this paper, aim at students 'inaccurate judgment for isoclinal's interference in michelson' experiment teaching, incorrect operation during isoclinal's interference ring's adjustment and the interference Striation's extruding and sinking, such problems are analyzed and the treatment methods are also presented.

33.inversion of the conjugate joints and Striation is used to study orientation and timing of the tectonic stress field and define the stages of the field.

34.significance of be bearing Striation altered rocks to the finding of concealed jiepailing tin polymetallic deposit

35.and formation of typical fatigue Striation on fatigue crack steady propagation is difficult.

36.objective to introduce a method for examination of Striation marks left by claw-hammer.

37.the constitutional supercooling and internal growth Striation in the snln crystals have been overcome and the optical homogeneity of the crystals have been improved by employing optimum growth condition and technique.

38.fracture image segmentation and determination of Striation region are the precondition in the measure of fatigue Striation period.