Strangulation Sentence Examples | Use Strangulation in a sentence

1.through medicolegal expertise, the peng some system was resulted in "mechanical property asphyxia"'s causing death by the others manual Strangulation while was living.

2.groin hernia presents a low incidence but relatively high Strangulation rate in female patients.

3.roller blinds: if the tension device is not attached to the wall or floor, young children may pull the bead chain around their neck, posing a risk of Strangulation.

4.there was no additional Strangulation; the noose about his neck was already suffocating him and kept the water from his lungs.

5.while it can diagnose ischemia of intestine at the early of bowel Strangulation. early operation could reduce bowel necrosis, so as to avoid serious complication.

6.all this is because of the Strangulation? instrument for execution by Strangulation.

8.among them, there were 4 cases with Strangulation.

9.there is Strangulation of tissue and poor blood supply.

10.what i hate with women generally is the intimacy, the invasion of my innermost space, the slow Strangulation of my art. Strangulation, the ultimate evidence would be the murderer's fingerprints on the victim's neck.

12.also remember that babies like to put small parts in their mouth and risk Strangulation any time.

13.investigators suggest that some sort of Strangulation device was used for the majority of the deaths, possibly fiber wire.

14.restricting airflow, by Strangulation, suffocation, or other means for sexual stimulation.

15.his army, he declared, had been ordered to undertake measures to prevent any further Strangulation of the city.

16.he is charged with the Strangulation of two students.

17.studies on acute abdomen in cattle i.clinical observation of experimental small intestinal torsion and Strangulation

18.couples increase their partner's pleasure through Strangulation.

19.bruises on the neck suggest Strangulation.

20.looped cords of all sorts are a Strangulation hazard and should be kept out of reach of children. it love, or a mutual Strangulation society? martha beck shows you five ways to get a real grip on the real thing.

22.the economic Strangulation of the jews by the nazi party.

23.cause of death was definitely asphyxiation due to Strangulation.

24.the post-mortem showed that the boy had died from Strangulation.

25.cod is asphyxia due to manual Strangulation.

26.the research investigated the brain biology of psychopaths with convictions that included attempted murder, manslaughter, multiple rape with Strangulation and false imprisonment.

27.conclusion: ct was superior to plain abdominal radiography in diagnosing of intestinal obstruction and verifying the intestinal Strangulation.

28.there is also a risk of Strangulation if the child places their neck between the lifting loops and the rolled up blind.

29.tachycardia and hypotension may indicate severe dehydration, peritonitis, or both. fever suggests the possibility of Strangulation. is not regime change. it is not a policy of economic Strangulation.

31.roman blinds: looped bead chains and exposed inner cords on the back of roman blinds can present an entanglement or Strangulation hazard to young children if they are placed around their neck.

32.although the more export-dependent economies of asia have been hit hard by the Strangulation of demand in their main western markets, the region as a whole has been less affected than the rest of the world. mbeki will argue that economic Strangulation would hurt the hapless zimbabwean masses more than the pampered elite around mr mugabe.

34.moreover, mr kim would be forced to choose between reform and the slow Strangulation of his state. additional hazard exists when the roman blind has a continuous looped bead chain that if not attached to the wall or floor, which poses a Strangulation hazard to children.

36.the fight in the sandbox happened at the same time as the Strangulation.

37.nothing like a Strangulation to get the circulation going.

38.the destruction of companion animals by inhumane and indiscriminate methods, including poisoning, shooting, beating, drowning and Strangulation should be prohibited.