Straight Sentence Examples | Use Straight in a sentence

1.he walked Straight across the kitchen to an inner door, opened it, inclined his head forward, and stood listening.

2.i went to overtake him on the back Straight on the last lap.

3.he made a speech Straight off the reel without stumbling over a word.'s a Straight choice between low-paid jobs and no jobs

5.dorothy was described as a very Straight woman, a very strict christian who was married to her job.

6.they hit it off Straight away, daddy and walter

7.and the axial line of the cylindrical die and that of the output shafts of the power device are on the same Straight line.

8.the only time i got their attention was when i brought home Straight a's on my report card.

9.i should go and see a doctor Straight away

10.and she seemed to think that was the end of the matter, as she gave me a kiss Straight from her innocent little heart.

11.he finished his conversation and stood up, looking Straight at me

12.the ball fell Straight to the feet of klinsmann has rained for a week Straight, the week in which you stumbled a refugee into my camp.

14.beasley told me he'd seen you, so i nipped Straight home.

15.i was already prepped for surgery so i went Straight into theatre. need to get your facts Straight

17.his teeth were perfectly Straight

18.all her efforts to keep him on the Straight and narrow have been rewarded.

19.there wasn't a single Straight wall in the building.

20.the pair of legs that carried him were rickety, and there was a bias in his gait which inclined him somewhat to the left of a Straight line.

21.we'll go to a meeting in birmingham and come Straight back.

22.grace had long Straight dark hair which she wore in a bun.

23.what should have been a Straight line between two points, may now seem to be nothing but pot holes and detours.

24.marty of new york describes herself as a Straight female. always, we went Straight to the experts for advice

26.her ear, shoulder and hip are in a Straight line

27.let's get things Straight. i didn't lunch with her.

28.keep the boat in a Straight line

29.i'll telephone him Straight away.

30.our cars were clearly too slow along the Straights

31.and yet, when everyone clapped for her, she seemed to be looking Straight at me.

32.what a shifty arguer he is, refusing ever to give a Straight answer.

33.using the Straight edge as a guide, trim the cloth to size

34.each has several times beaten the other in a Straight fight.

35.children should not drink fruit juices Straight.

36.they'd won 12 Straight games before they lost.

37.the men had known each other since college and sid was one of the few people who'd be completely Straight with dennis.

38.the baby opens her eyes and stares Straight up.

39.Straight ahead were the low cabins of the motel.