Storied Sentence Examples | Use Storied in a sentence

1.' the executive said geely would retain volvo's current management as it gears up to revive the Storied but troubled car maker.

2."we are honored to have the opportunity to be affiliated with this Storied franchise," harris said in a prepared statement.

3.yet it makes sense for a school that has a Storied history of spawning innovators and entrepreneurs.

4.the american designer acquired a Storied french country estate in the loire valley and decorated it to the nines, leaving out only the snobbery. is a great company with a Storied history. this paper, the flow of Storied and house plan is present.

7.pcr is short for polymerase chain reaction, which has a Storied history.

8."we are honored to have the opportunity to be affiliated with this Storied franchise, " harris said in a prepared statement.

9.whatever the new republic is today, it has been busy flogging its Storied past.

10.he invested in real reporting at a time when Storied magazines were shedding jobs by the hundreds.

11.senator robert byrd is remembered for his Storied career, serving longer than any senator in history.

12.i hope to exterminate them with my Storied. what seems an admission that the sears shopping experience continues to have about as much appeal as getting a root canal, sears holding corporation has moved to expand partnerships over the last few months that allow competitors to sell its most Storied brands.

14.the majority of mankind's myths are based on Storied of those creatures and the time we shared with them.

15.legislative violence has a long and Storied history around the world.

16.not your standard multi Storied hotel.

17.the Storied publisher plans to split into two publicly traded companies by the end of 2012. buffett slammed the door on one opportunity after another during the most harrowing stretch of his Storied career.

19.i had not associated these Storied places with actual modern geography. is unlike a property rivers mountain to surround and have no tin is all many-Storied building everywhere.

21.for our chinese people, the information Storied in our brain is primarily in chinese language.

22.fighting raged in old gagra, wrecking the city's Storied resorts.

23.this field has seen a long and Storied history.

24.he had a great job offer from a london university, with a high salary and free lodging in a Storied victorian mansion.

25.theirs was the most Storied romance in hollywood. the chapel end of the garden was a small two-Storied building, also of wood, which was his laboratory.

27.ground-source heat pumps are energy-efficient, using renewable energy which is heat Storied in or released from soil.

28.dairy-dominated vermont has a long and Storied history of cheese making. of the more Storied brands in cause marketing online has been tyson foods with its hunger relief program.

30.they mainly come from historical events, fictional tales, folk Storied and classical literature.

31.he Storied about his academic career and his professional career.

32.lehman brothers, the Storied investment bank, collapsed into a court-protected reorganization unprepared to remain in business.

33.the Storied actor left college to intern full time at the great lakes theater festival in cleveland, ohio.

34.not far away from the bridge was a six-Storied building. to its right was a second-hand bookstore.

35.on tuesday morning, he and first lady laura bush will greet obama and his wife, michelle, at the Storied mansion's front portico and see them in for a brief visit.

36.europe held forth the charms of Storied and poetical association.

37.that prompted street protests by some university graduates who said it amounted to mr. li buying the name of a Storied institution.

38.nine division belt machine adopt middle pilot tunnel descend Storied lamination construct method, transect construction ensure security.

39.a twenty Storied building springs high above the city.