Stirrer Sentence Examples | Use Stirrer in a sentence

1.the utility model has the advantages that the Stirrer has no cutting effect on fluid when in stirring;

2.research and application of the long life technology of Stirrer in kr desulphurization

3.the utility model belongs to a stirring machine, particularly a secondary Stirrer.

4.method: hyphase parameter which computed automatically by picture analytic instrument was used to analyse the relation ship with Stirrer. the chemical product production process, most reaction is exothermic reaction reacting in a reactor with Stirrer.

6.main reasons affecting the applied results of mending materials on kr Stirrer were analyzed and the appropriate performance of mending materials were put forward via locale examination at no.

7.the utility model discloses a Stirrer, which is particularly suitable for stirring wine which is stored in a large container in the wine-brewing industry.

8.upon completing a test, discharge the aniline mixture from the bottom of the measuring cell, pour a cleaning agent, turn on the Stirrer, and discharge the cleaning agent.

9.power plant for mobile radio apparatus portable electric driving Stirrer

10.pulley for main grain auger push-pull propeller Stirrer

11.the telescopic propeller-type Stirrer adopts a telescopic stirring vane, and leads the size of the stirring vane not to be limited by the size of the opening of a reaction vessel.

12."you just dip it into your drink, it might actually look like a Stirrer in the final production, it's tiny, very tiny, " ioffe told afp.

13.mixing in micro channel by a mini electro magneto hydrodynamic Stirrer indicated that it fitted for fixed bed pressured gasification process after installed the Stirrer.

15.electromagnetic Stirrer ( al-ems) is a well-established technology for stirring in aluminium furnaces.

16.the effect of stirring intensity and twist moment of mould electromagnetic Stirrer ( m-ems) on continuous casting bloom quality was investigated.

17.the utility model has the characteristics of small power consumption, safety, long service life, small volume and accurate rotate speed and is an ideal liquid ( or gas) Stirrer.

18.the plating solution was agitated during electro-deposition with a magnetic Stirrer for an hour.

19.the principle and merit of the proposed Stirrer are introduced in the beginning. showed using Stirrer with propeller and diversion tube can obviously improve the temperature distribution of chp decomposition reactor.

21.portable electric driving Stirrer bar actuated pressure vent

22.auger drive wheel screw-operated jack. push-pull propeller Stirrer

23.the utility model relates to an organic fermenting inspissating device for making fertilizer and fodder by making use of organic substances, composed of a Stirrer and a fermenting tank.

24.the utility model relates to a stirring device, which comprises a reaction groove, a driving device, a central Stirrer and a peripheral Stirrer.

25.portable diesel driving Stirrer study on rational horizontal well pattern of steam flooding for heavy oil reservoirs

26.turning of the Stirrer by hand or more rapid addition of ketone is necessary at this point.

27.the electric buttered tea Stirrer of the utility model relates to an electric stirring device with easy use and low cost which is used for preparing buttered tea with conventional flavour. guidelines are provided for the design of Stirrer of reverberation chamber.

29.the utility model relates to a heating Stirrer for water-proof coating which is used for heating the polyvinylchloride daub and the factice, belonging to the heating device.

30.arrange ice cubes, lemon, straws, Stirrer, etc.

31.the instrument is composed of mariotte constant current titrator, digital quartz timer, colorimetric titration controller, instantaneous titration controller and magnetic Stirrer.

32.characters of solutions to an unstirred chemostat model; hydraulics simulating experiment study on Stirrer with new frame vane

33.on a spring morning, hogan had given each of her students a tool kit containing a plastic foam dinner plate, a balloon, a small plastic Stirrer straw, a sharp pencil and masking tape.

34.these offer reference for the optimization of processing parameter and design when using rotary electromagnetic Stirrer. the bed there is Stirrer. it avoid agglomeration of damp material and forming channel flow during drying.

36.a Stirrer with jet function has the advantages of higher efficiency and lower energy consumption in mixing.

37.the Stirrer head should be near the bottom of the flask .