Sternal Sentence Examples | Use Sternal in a sentence

1.objective: to improve ability of ct for differential diagnosis of Sternal tumors.

2.enlarged thymectomy of transverse Sternal microinvasive incision treating myasthemia gravis

3.birds within different ecological niches have widely variations in the Sternal morphology, which also directly related to the flight ability.

4.clinical study of 9 cases of repair and reconstruction chest wall defect by pectoralis major after resection of Sternal tumors

5.the movement amplitude in the costal region was larger than that in the lumbar and Sternal region.

6.deep Sternal wound infection after median sternotomy for cardiovascular surgical procedures is a rare but serious complication.

7.background: Sternal osteomyelitis is a potentially life-threatening complication after cardiac surgery.

8.conclusion the modified Sternal elevation for pectus excavatum is safe, effective and reliable method.

9.postoperative stoma was at the Sternal level and did not compress the great vessels.

10.deep Sternal wound infection after cardiac surgery

11.there was no recurrence of Sternal osteomyelitis during the follow-up periods.

12.methods: anatomic features of the region of Sternal jugular notch ( sjn) were observed and analyzed on30 adult cadavers.

13.method Sternal turnover operation with pedicle of abdominal rectus muscle were performed in 10 patients with pectus excavatum. addition, the flight ability is enhanced with the increase of the Sternal depth and width.

15.objective to investigate the method and curative effect of Sternal suspensory traction on the patients with pectus excavatum.

16.clinical application of expanded excision and organic-glass-repairing of Sternal tumor

17.results: Sternal tumors had expansive developing tendency;

18.conclusion to diagnose Sternal fracture is not difficult, but attention should be paid to complicated wound in chest of abdomen.

19.Sternal tumor resection and chest wall reconstruction: an analysis of 19 cases

20.objective to retrospective study the clinical effect of repair and reconstruction of pectoralis major after resection of Sternal tumors.

21.methods 12 cases with Sternal rupture in the last ten years were analyzed and summarized retrospectively.

22.Sternal muscles include two muscle groups.

23.methods: through right minimally incision and transected Sternal incision, 23 patients underwent mitral or aortic valve replacement.

24.most of chest wall tumors is benign except Sternal tumors.

25.this paper reports the cytological study on the Sternal marrow in 43 adult cows.

26.Sternal pressure may be painful if the sternum is fractured or costochondral separations exist.

27.objective to evaluate the method of expanded Sternal excision with self-iliac bone grafting to reconstruct the sternum;

28.palpable underlying rib and Sternal fractures.

29.the pseudoaneurysm was suspected to have resulted from trauma to a branch of the right internal thoracic artery from one of the Sternal wires used for sternotomy closure.

30.we want to take advantages of these methods to improve the results of intractable Sternal wound infection.

31.endothorax is composed of invaginations of the tergal , pleural and Sternal regions of each thoracic segment .

32.auscultation: should ordinal of pointed to the heart ministry, Sternal horn left below, left go up and right upside is auscultatory.

33.endothorax is composed of invaginations of the tergal, pleural and Sternal regions of each thoracic segment. this waistcoat has a propensity to pucker up over the chest.

34.methods: two patients with Sternal tumors treated by resection and reconstructed with ti mesh for the chest wall.

35.extraction of type ⅱ collagen from chicken Sternal cartilage powder and its structural analysis

36.therapeutic approach to Sternal fracture is different according to individual wound, and therefore good prognosis can be achieved.

37.results: a simple fomula and regression equation of the Sternal length and the stature were suggested.

38.background? to explore the advantage of performing Sternal bone marrow puncture with scalp needle that is substituted for traditional bone marrow puncture needle.