Steeling Sentence Examples | Use Steeling in a sentence officials are Steeling themselves for the investigation to announce on thursday that the navy ship cheonan was sunk by a north korean torpedo in an incident in which 46 korean sailors died.

2.after 4 year Steeling oneself for revenge, major rises' and falls' naples returns yijia finally, and is reviving gradually.

3.influence of periodic reverse pulse current on the performance of Steeling coating

4.i was Steeling myself to call round when simon arrived.

5.nowadays the children can't see how a cat Steeling up on the mouse because it has fish, sausage and ham for a meal.

6.lastly, the article compared and analyzed the processed corrugation on the surface of the rolling of bearing and the quality of Steeling balls, produced by harbin roll bearing factory and japan. stands against a pillar in the garage Steeling himself in preparation for what he has to do.

8.i remember Steeling myself to compete in the men's group in two domestic competitions in1998.

9.i've blocked my own access to my favorite time-wasting websites; i'm Steeling myself to take the leap to no-tv living.

10.real-time supervisory, scheduling and control for brief-flow product line made up from electric Steeling, fine Steeling and continuous casting

11.the material are the high quality cold Steeling rolling plate, surface processing with degrease, acid washing, phosphating, static spraying plastic.

12.i believe, we will be growing up by Steeling ourselves in practice. this paper, the application of Steeling mud in the grate-kiln pelletizing production was introduced.

14.the material is high quality Steeling plate, surface processing with static spraying plastic.

15.when somebody steels iron tower members, the device will sent the Steeling information to related phones, so as to facilitate related department to catch the person who is Steeling in time.

16.since the war is protracted and ruthless, it is possible for the guerrilla units to undergo the necessary Steeling and gradually to transform themselves into regular forces, so that their mode of operations is gradually regularized and guerrilla warfare develops into mobile warfare.

17.discussion about the application of water mist system in Steeling works experimental investigation of the effect of obstructions on fire suppression performance of high pressure water mist system

18.with the foreign acquisition policies gradually unlashing in china, foreign capital has largely entered the fields of manufacturing, Steeling, retailing and financing in recent years.

19.Steeling his courage , he raps three times on the door .

20.those involved are Steeling themselves for the coming battle

21.even the most combat-honed adventurers can expect to have their abilities tested to the limit, so begin Steeling yourself for battle today!

22.the difficulty is the best helper for Steeling will.

23.discussion about the direct using technology of the seawater in Steeling works

24.the honeymoon hour approached and lancelot, Steeling himself for a horrific experience, entered the bedroom. but, what a sight awaited him.

25.discussion about the applications of the ceramic membrane in the wastewater desalinization treatment in Steeling works

26.the Steeling myself part. i find it better sometimes to just be a little weak.

27.the wedding night approached : gawain, Steeling himself for a horrific night, entered the bedroom.

28.he's made by Steeling, by suffering. as well researches how the control instruction is transmitted to the downhole Steeling tool and shows the optimal instruction coding scheme.

30.the microcomputer control in material feeding system of ld Steeling

31.the wedding night approached: gawain, Steeling himself for a horrific night, entered the bedroom.

32.apart from directly mobilizing the people to join the forces, increased numbers can be attained by amalgamating small units, while better quality depends on Steeling the fighters and improving their weapons in the course of the war. education plays a very important role in cultivating healthy sentiment, increasing confidence, Steeling oneself, and cultivating inspiration of team work.

34.application of Steeling mud in the grate-kiln pelletizing production Steeling works, the common filter is rapid speed filter or medium speed filter.

36.but by the beginning of the second week, i began to feel myself Steeling.