Stark Sentence Examples | Use Stark in a sentence the suburbs the spacious houses stand in Stark contrast to the slums of the city's poor.

2.his actions were in Stark contrast to his words. he's flying around the stratosphere letting off steam, he spots wonder woman lying on her back Stark naked sunbathing on the beach. is a Stark contrast to2007.

5.that is in Stark contrast to the situation during the 1970 oil crisis. Stark contrast, forecasts for the larger emerging economies are being revised upwards.

7.these issues have created a Stark fault line within the peace process.

8.the contrast between afghan government hopelessness and insurgent craftiness could hardly have been more Stark.

9."our reliance on cyberspace stands in Stark contrast to the inadequacy of our cybersecurity," it said. companies face a Stark choice if they want to stay competitive

11.Stark concrete walls have been softened by a show of fresh flowers.

12.i have come to the world, Stark naked;

13.he was not a religious man, but he maintained a Stark sense of good and evil, castigating others, as well as himself, for transgressions.

14.this stands in Stark contrast to venezuela's publicly funded music education program el sistema.

15.i'm henry Stark. i have a reservation for a single room.

16.this is in Stark contrast to the boom in private car sales.

17.the contrast between the peace of these temples and the bustle of macau city could hardly be more Stark.

18.violence has broken out in the capital, a Stark reminder that the religious tensions are refusing to go away.

19.dry stone walls may appear Stark and lifeless, but they provide a valuable habitat for plants and animals.

20.this was a shock to jung, but it revealed the Stark truth that she had to shape up. came to her suddenly that she had stood in this very spot before, on the day lord eddard Stark had lost his head.

22.this Stark image will remain etched in the memory of a generation of berliners.

23.jeffrey Stark is with a public policy organization called the foundation for environmental security and stability.

24.that is a Stark contrast to the reaction to the collapse of lehman brothers.

25.this illustrates a Stark difference between the us and china.

26.using the internet lets his patients proceed as if he were in the office full-time, however, Stark said.

27.Stark's mistake was to call a red card when it should have been yellow, but his greatest sin was to deprive us of football. his celebration speech, he issued a Stark warning to washington and other western capitals. i to go back, in a blink, in the same Stark nakedness? it is not fair though: why should i have made such a trip for nothing! china today, the search for a partner is often not inspired by love - but driven by a Stark financial calculus.

31.the windows misted, blurring the Stark streetlight

32.once free and back in malibu, Stark secretly refines his design, turning himself into a more peace-minded crusader.

33.the film vividly shows the Stark realities of life for the poor and hungry.

34.all contestants competed Stark naked.

35.this serves as an appropriate parallel of Stark and stane's relationship in the film.

36.the Stark contrast between the haves and have-nots has always existed but in a recession the injustices become more painful

37.both his eyes and hair were jet black, a Stark contrast to his uniform.

38.shute's prose is Stark and chillingly unsentimental

39.this is a tribute to edwin jarvis, tony Stark's butler.