Stannic Sentence Examples | Use Stannic in a sentence

1.article of total pot poem is decorous, sculpture character is like natural and smooth writing, clever and carefree, what make an excellent work of Stannic tea service for shen cunzhou, very scarce. on therapy of~ ( 188) re labelled Stannic sulfur suspension in nude mice bearing human colon tumor

3.nanometer-scale Stannic oxide from sol-gel-freeze drying process and its characterization

4.the rich tin layer was oxidated to produce form a Stannic oxide transparent thin film with dense and microcrystal struc-ture.

5.what bronze uses is not brass, but red copper and the alloy of plumbum and Stannic.

6.188 re labelled Stannic sulfur suspension is a potential radiopharmaceuticals for therapy of human tumor.

7.the Stannic oxide thin films have numerous applications.

8.the aggregate structure of silk fiber treated with plasma changes and crystalline degree of it decrease after Stannic acid weighting treatment. on the synthesis of indium alkoxides and Stannic alkoxides and the preparation of sol-gel-derived ito-films by dip-coating

10.the present invention relates to an ester-based Stannic sulfide stable compound and its preparation method and application.

11.[ objective] to establish a method for detecting trimethyl Stannic chloride in plastic products and stabilizing agents.

12.application of gas chromatography-mass spectrometer in determining trimethyl Stannic chloride in plastic products and stabilizing agents

13.the expression of optimum doping content of Stannic oxide thin films

14.antimony-doped Stannic oxide-based thick-film gas sensor

15.electrocatalytic oxidation and detection of phenols at Stannic oxide modified carbon fiber electrode

16.oxidation methods of eliminating the defect of Stannic sweat in bronze

17.poly ( propylene oxide-ethylene oxide) containing ether linkage was used to make complexes with Stannic oxide sol, thus producing a kind of anti-static agent for nylon resins.

18.effect of antimonous oxide, aluminium oxide and Stannic oxide dust on pulmonary alveolar macrophages in vitro and in vivo

19.the mechanism of thermal stability of high temperature vulcanized ( htv) silicone rubber with the complex of ferric oxide and Stannic oxide as thermal stabilizer was studied.

20.synthesis of n-butyl chloroacetate catalyzed by Stannic chloride pentahydrate

21.synthesis and analysis of triphenyl germanium bromide and triphenyl Stannic chloride

22.compared the catalytic activity of ferric chloride hexahydrate, Stannic chloride pentahydrate and sodium bisulfate monohydrate for synthesis of nerolin bromelia.

23.synthesis of dibenzyl phthalate using Stannic chloride as catalyst by microwave radiation

24.research progress on synthesis of esters by Stannic chloride as catalyst

25.synthesis of n-butyl chloro acetate from chloroacetic acid and n-butanol in the presence of Stannic chloride pentahydrate was studied.

26.furthermore, the effects of the anti-static agents containing different content of Stannic oxide on the volume resistance, mechanical properties and processability of nylon 6 were studied experimentally.

27.and nano oxide powder is any one of nano Stannic oxide, nano ferric oxide, nano zinc oxide and nano copper oxide.

28.ethyl cinnamate was synthesized by esterification of cinnamic acid with ethanol in the presence of Stannic chloride pentahydrate catalyst.

29.weighting properties of the mulberry silk fibers after the low temperature oxygen treatment are also studied. Stannic acid is used to characterize the microvoids in the silk fibers.

30.the catalytic mechanism of Stannic chloride/ strong carboxylic acid co-catalyst system in the cationic ring-opening/ polymerization of epichlorohydrin is present.

31.the relation between the structural parameters and the selectivity of ion exchange of the Stannic selenopyrophosphate has been also discussed.

32.isoamyl hexanoate could be synthesized using Stannic chloride from caproic acid and isoamyl alcohol.

33.sno_2 nanopowders were prepared by polymer network method based on principle of free-radical polymerization of organic monomers with Stannic chloride as starting material.

34.the preparation of~ ( 188) re labelled Stannic sulfur suspension and preliminary animal experiment

35.the antimony-doped Stannic oxide thick-film used to detect combustible gases in oxidizing and fixed water vapor-containing atmospheres.