Stalled Sentence Examples | Use Stalled in a sentence

1.he was killed when his monoplane Stalled and dived into the ground. manager brian steel Stalled the man until the police arrived.

3.they've tried working out a peace agreement before, but those talks have been Stalled for about a year and a half.

4.the strike Stalled our holiday plan.

5.we were Stalled in the mud.

6.consumer prices are lower now than they were a year ago, and wage increases have Stalled in the face of high unemployment.

7.negotiations remained Stalled yesterday in new york.

8.he was no player and was looking for a serious relationship; i felt too young to make promises, and Stalled.

9.negotiations over annual iron ore contact prices have Stalled between china and its suppliers in australia and brazil. car had mysteriously Stalled, and i was stranded and alone.

11.but the move has been Stalled for 17 years in the face of strong local opposition.

12.the charity has failed to sell as many laptops as it had hoped. its deals with some governments have Stalled. car Stalled out in the street.

14.hugely popular on leaving office in 2006, any ambition he might have to win the presidency again in 2009 looks Stalled, for now at least.

15.plans for a centralised system have circulated since at least 2010 but opposition from local officials has Stalled implementation.

16.has the air-conditioner in your room Stalled again?

17.that's why the plane Stalled on its descend.

18.stalling a stepping motor will not hurt it . a stepping motor doesn ' t draw any increased current while being in a Stalled position.

19.but it's been Stalled at the post office.

20.the matter was debated further over the next few years, with all talks of invasion Stalled by the warden khans. colleagues and i were obsessed with the detail of the Stalled draft peace treaty.

22.mervyn king, governor of the bank of england, said the eurozone "appears to have Stalled" . car had Stalled and i sought help from casual passers-by.

24.the post is Stalled fast in the ground.

25.the cold weather Stalled the plane.

26.he believed it would help bring the Stalled uruguay round of trade talks on track. mediators have been trying to re-start direct negotiations between israel and the palestinians. but the efforts have Stalled. brussels, technocratic negotiations Stalled, as european officials blamed the greeks for not presenting serious proposals.

29.the engine Stalled. he pressed the accelerator hard

30.spending by small firms and online businesses has Stalled, leading to the slowdown in facebook's growth.

31.japan and russia urged pyongyang to return to talks, Stalled since last year.

32.i Stalled the car twice during my driving test but still managed to pass.

33.the bill's progress had been Stalled by some republican leaders who did succeed in making some amendments. trade Stalled during the worst of the recession but has rebounded steadily during the past year. zapatero's next trick was to flag a package of proposals for labour reform, an issue on which he has Stalled for almost two years.

36.i know that the discussion that started under the previous administration, but they were Stalled.

37.vietnam peace talks, which had been Stalled, would soon resume in paris, a front-page report predicted.

38.the momentum of the nationalist campaign seems to have Stalled.