Stalk Sentence Examples | Use Stalk in a sentence

1.( of a plant ovule) curved with the micropyle near the base almost touching its Stalk.

2.i knew a jacob matthews from work a number of years ago, and he'd gotten it into his mind to Stalk me, but i never knew why.

3.he imagined a tall Stalk of corn where he had planted the seed.

4.the original full grain became dried and hard, its whole body seemed to be cracking, so it prepared to rot with the corn Stalk.

5.a single pale blue flower grows up from each joint on a long Stalk. least then i could run up and down the dirt roads with someone, and we could chase squirrels and Stalk deer together.

7.he only used me for rides, and yet i continued to Stalk him for most of 1998.

8.( biology) having or growing on or from a peduncle or Stalk. turns out, though, that it's not so easy to do the chemistry that transforms a corn Stalk into a liquid fuel that works.

10.the relationship between different application amounts of potash fertilizer and the incidence of corn Stalk rot was studied.

11.a fungus with a red cap and a red coarsely reticulate Stalk.

12.he had been playing with a cleaver , holding down a Stalk of coilgrass while he chopped, pretending it was the tail of a dragon.

13.effect of vermiculite and chicken manure addition on plug seedling production with corn Stalk substrate

14.the spectre of neo-fascism, as he put it, was Stalking the streets of sofia and other big cities. no time at all he was at the very top of the giant bean Stalk and jumped off into what seemed to be a cloud !

16.if his patience is tried at meetings he has been known to Stalk out.

17.police officers lie in wait for the gangs who Stalk their prey at night

18.the yolk sac and yolk Stalk on one of them were well preserved.

19.the yield of hydrolyzing corn Stalk would be higher if combining enzyme and acid hydrolyzing.

20.the sunflower had not started where i saw the Stalk begin.

21.stamen the male reproductive organ in flowering plants consisting of a fine Stalk, the filament, bearing the pollen producing anther. on fermentation of xylose of sweet sorghum Stalk and strain breeding

23.even after their divorce he continued to Stalk and threaten her.

24.they looked up to see the giant lose the stability of the Stalk and fall to the ground.

25.production of acetone and butanol by fermentation of sweet sorghum Stalk juice;

26.corn is treated when the Stalk starts to elongate.

27.effects of corn Stalk and inorganic nitrogen amending soil on the growth and fruit of blueberry

28.the fruit, flower, and Stalk of the plant represent the past, present, and future.

29.he plucked a Stalk of dried fennel.

30.effects of chemical fertilizer combined corn Stalk application on the quantity and infrared spectra of humic acids in soil aggregates

31.this paper studied on the hmp bleaching for the magnesium bisulfite pulp of whole Stalk kenaf.

32.a sesame Stalk puts forth blossoms notch by notch, higher and higher.

33.he Stalks his victims like a hunter after a deer.

34.decomposable ability of f_1 strain to lignin and cellulose of corn Stalk

35.the lion will often Stalk its prey for hours.

36.and at least this time i didn't Stalk him though. one else has even tried to build a computer like the latest imac, with a flat screen on a movable metal Stalk.

38.its characteristics are delicious, soft, sweet, crisp and not Stalk. present, the comprehensive utilization of straw, the government has implemented the straw and Stalk clearance certificates.

40.small cabbage-like heads or buds growing along a Stalk.