Stakeholder Sentence Examples | Use Stakeholder in a sentence

1.the best time to create a Stakeholder goals document is at the beginning of a release.

2.however, partitioning a system from only one perspective will not likely facilitate the allocation of all Stakeholder needs. its credit, china has tried in a minimal way to be a global Stakeholder in the united nations effort to end iran's nuclear threat.

4.this is an example of china being a Stakeholder in the field of development.

5.constant Stakeholder feedback is a very important and a fundamental part of an agile development cycle.

6.the oba approach is has improved processes, overcome financing obstacles, and increased Stakeholder partnerships. Stakeholder pensions will aim to give all workers a retirement pension they can live on. an interdependent global economy, yes, we need china to be a responsible Stakeholder. must employ all of its assets and financial instruments for the benefit of every Stakeholder.

10.the responsibility of university is to safeguard and satisfy the interests of every Stakeholder.

11.but this only serves to separate the technologists from the harsh reality of Stakeholder review.

12.each Stakeholder and user will have an idea of their own expectation or a complaint about the system.

13.this allows for ongoing Stakeholder feedback and mid-course corrections.

14.corporate social responsibility and finance management reform& a study based on the Stakeholder theory would be appropriate to completely overhaul the Stakeholder goals document at the beginning of the next release. established the scope and secured Stakeholder buy-in for the entire project.

17.Stakeholder involvement is generally the best way to make interviews happen, especially for business and technical products.

18.the development teams solicit Stakeholder review and feedback with each iteration and make appropriate system adjustments in response. a matter of fact, eliciting goals is concentrated on the problem domain and Stakeholder needs.

20.if a system meets Stakeholder goals, it doesn't matter whether you've written down the requirements. the process of this mapping, and Stakeholder approval, these practices gain credibility in importance.

22.i have separate email and instant messaging accounts for each Stakeholder.

23.Stakeholder involvement in making executive project decisions. goals represent what's important to its Stakeholder communities.

25.the concept of "responsible Stakeholder" , which the us introduced in 2005, is an effort to offer such a framework.

26.the time has come for china to adopt a broader concept of its interests and become a "responsible Stakeholder" in the global system.

27.functional units from throughout the department and from many Stakeholder agencies and organizations were represented on the team.

28.many aspects of the classic development process cause Stakeholder relationships to degenerate into mutual distrust.

29.Stakeholder insight provides direction or reaction to events and circumstances not visible to the project team.

30.concerns drive viewpoint selection: each identified Stakeholder concern must be addressed by one of the selected viewpoints.

31.this can help resolve any remaining Stakeholder conflicts, and can form part of a "contract" or agreement between you and the Stakeholders.

32.thus, even though science helps inform choices, it is only one of many values and interests considered by each Stakeholder.

33.third, we need to understand what assets are available, then balance asset reuse with Stakeholder needs.

34.the efficient performance of software processes enhances product quality and Stakeholder satisfaction.

35.communicate: check you used the right communication methods with your Stakeholder.

36.he illustrated how Stakeholder and product values can be integrated with scrum to measure value., effective reuse requires you to constantly balance the reuse of assets with evolving Stakeholder needs.

38.finally, china can be a responsible Stakeholder in international economic, health, environmental and energy regimes.

39.efforts to get beijing to live up to its responsibility as a key Stakeholder in the global economy have been largely unsuccessful. other extreme cases, the Stakeholder might seem to be uninterested or completely missing in action.