Staircase Sentence Examples | Use Staircase in a sentence

1.there was a stone Staircase against the side of the house

2.he looked vaguely up the marble Staircase.

3."uh . . . yes, " he said. "i think he just ran past me . . . to that Staircase over there. "

4.the temple includes a Staircase that leads up to an altar used for fire worship, said peruvian archaeologist walter alva. a Staircase with a gallery grants access to the upper floor.

6.the Staircase was almost perpendicular.

7.starting and looking up, she saw, across the lobby she had just reached, edmund himself, standing at the head of a different Staircase.

8.and as you get older and more decrepit, you sort of inch along on this sort of depressing, long Staircase, leading you into oblivion.

9.single-flight Staircase. handrails and stair break can be shown or hidden.

10.this past weekend my kids and i decided to clean out a closet under our Staircase.

11.they came slowly down the grand Staircase to join their guests.

12.the other one ( fire extinguisher) is on the wall at the back Staircase.

13.when i was walking down the Staircase, i slipped and hurt my foot.

14.she ran for the Staircase and down the steps, taking them two at a time

15.she climbed the Staircase cautiously, holding fast to the rail

16.he stumbled on the Staircase and hurt his leg.

17.frequency-locked states with their winding numbers which form the devil's Staircase are observed in this kind of lasers.

18.footsteps on the Staircase interrupted his train of thought.

19.this Staircase is so old that some of the steps have almost worn away. how many distinct ways can you climb the Staircase?

21.the highly ornamented Staircase in the hall dates from the16th century., i'm plugging along here -- (laughter) and i'm just going to have to blow up the Staircase.

23.the use of the Staircase is allowed only to members of the staff.

24.a Staircase leads from the hall to the landing on the first floor.

25.she heard the priest's familiar, flat footfall on the Staircase.

26.reaching the top of the Staircase, nahti led her prey into a well-furnished room.

27.wide marble Staircase opposite the front doors (east wall) leads up to first floor.

28.her footsteps faded away down the Staircase.

29.the house has a superb Staircase made from oak and marble

30.a light step on an adjoining Staircase arrested my attention.

31.america's first lady stood on the sweeping Staircase of the white house.

32."excuse me, " she said to a man at the bottom of the Staircase, "but where have we landed? " the expiration of a quarter of an hour she left her sewing and went to read the thenardiers' letter once more on the Staircase. it grew later the fire was made up in the large long hall into which the Staircase descended.

35.a Staircase opens up in a vertical link vestibule. had the classic apple store winding Staircase and weird upstairs sitting area.

37.she ran lightly up the broad Staircase to her own rooms.

38.he followed her up a rickety Staircase to a squalid bedsit

39.control schemes on Staircase lamps in tall buildings have been presented.