Stainless Sentence Examples | Use Stainless in a sentence

1.the corrosion behavior of austenite Stainless steel weld joint in the different acidic medium was studied.

2.for special applications they can be supplied in other grades of alloy and Stainless steel.

3.the laser engraver can engrave and cut on leather, glass, acrylic, Stainless steel and other materials.

4.the handrails and protective railing shall be Stainless steel finish.

5.dedicated cable wire, enameled wire services industry and the Stainless steel industry.

6.marble, glass, Stainless steel are frequent here. the food packaging machinery with all parts are made of Stainless steel manufacturing, or on the surface.

8.abstract the theory and technology of Stainless steel smelting and chrome ores reduction were discussed in this thesis.

9.mica heater Stainless steel plate with ring type and other specifications.

10.development status of antimicrobial Stainless steels is reviewed.

11.this equipment uses high quality Stainless steel and Stainless steel wire mesh composed of vehicle disassembly easy to clean.

12.stripwound hose available in Stainless steel and in optional galvanized steel.

13.Stainless steel main water treatment equipment in the research, development, production and marketing.

14.this acid is very corrosive to most metals, including Stainless steel.

15.there are Stainless steel and chrome plating options available.

16.steel can also be used, it is cheaper than aluminum, but is very heavy, and if it is not easy-to-corrosion of Stainless steel, as well.

17.the workers are casting a Stainless steel bust.

18.titanium and Stainless steel are best, though the latter tends to be a bit springy and can feel less sturdy.

19.i think it was a good use of Stainless steel, so beautiful, easy to brush, there is no harm. wok a good one is hard to read.

20.wetted parts: all austenitic Stainless steel and stellite 6.

21.the water filter is made of cast iron, cast steel, brass and Stainless steel with small figure. it is indurate and easy to install.

22.cable connections are made to the side of the battery by means of threaded bolts into "cast-in-lead" Stainless steel nuts.

23.the standard spec includes Stainless steel holding tanks.

24.the Stainless steel pipework has been constructed, tested and inspected to very high standards.

25.welding process viarables of304 Stainless steel sheet welded by continuous fiber laser was researched in this paper.

26.the degradation behavior of an austenitic Stainless steel used at high temperatures was studied by the electrochemical method.

27.he makes decorative vessels in copper, Stainless steel and silver.

28.Stainless steel products, with its unique characteristics, are widely used in industry, transport, medical and a variety of areas of life.

29.joint: made of high-strength Stainless steel wire and imported nylon, to be 360 swiveled, easy to disassemble and clean.

30.stylish bathtub made of high quality glass and Stainless steel.

31.reliable performance is optimized for welding carbon steel, Stainless steel and aluminum.

32.use have enough intensity and stiffness of wire or Stainless steel wire.

33.wetted parts: all austenitic Stainless steel and/ or stellite 6. bronze wedges available.

34.the Stainless tubing is less likely to kink than copper, but it is harder to solder without an acid treatment.

35.the design rationalism for Stainless soft magnetic alloys, the manner increased magnetism and corrosion-resistant are introduced.

36.our material can be carbon steel, alloy steel, Stainless steel, copper and aluminium.'s possible to weld Stainless steel to ordinary steel

38.a complete set of Stainless-steel tableware, smooth to the touch and easy to clean, is indeed a cook's good mate.