Staining Sentence Examples | Use Staining in a sentence

1.objective to evaluate the method of study on lymphatic capillaries in the liver using the immunohistochemical Staining technique.

2.furthermore, liver biopsies were visualized by hematoxylin and eosin Staining.

3.the he Staining results were observed by the microscope.

4.methods the histochemical Staining of alkaline phosphatase was used to show microvessel of human body ′ s flap.

5.the Staining results of glycoconjugate in the regions of the stomach of the bactrian camel were compared.

6.methods muscle architecture and acetylcholinesterase Staining method.

7.double Staining showed two populations of cells with different morphology and color.

8.towels and deep color of chemical fiber class is indirect Staining methods, this towel relatively not easy to fade. did not show significant Staining in the majority of other small round blue cell tumors within the morphologic differential.

10.methods pathomorphology of9 cases of pcmt was observed with he Staining? histochemistry and immunohistochemistry, and their clinical data were analysed.

11.immunohistochemistry Staining results showed that there was a successive positive expression strap between the chondrocytes and sis.

12.the characteristics of treated cells were assayed by immunocytochemistry Staining analysis.

13.his widowed mother and uncles told him to kill the 17-year-old after she eloped with her boyfriend, Staining the family's honor.

14.objective to assess the value of methylene blue and parker ink Staining in the detection of malassezia.

15.the area of atherosclerotic plaque was measured by image analysis after oil red o Staining.

16.patterns of Staining were consistent throughout tubular compartments and did not appear to be localized to any particular region. is possible that labs would have to adhere to a specific Staining protocol if c-path is involved in data analysis.

18.while denaturing page silver-Staining detection would be used in examining a few samples, especially in screening ssr markers.

19.note the difference in size and Staining quality of the neoplastic nests of cells compared to normal germ cells.

20.this trichrome stain of the stomach demonstrates intense blue Staining in the submucosa from the collagen deposition.

21.Staining extent and intensity were scored semiquantitatively for each antibody.

22.i slowly released her hand from mine and brushed away the tears Staining her cheeks and mine.

23.generally lighter than the color of the fabric of better color fastness, not easy to fade, do a Staining.

24.there were blue granules in different sizes and shade in the cytoplasm after sdh and ldh Staining.

25.pi/ ho33342 double Staining could distinguish apoptotic cells as well as normal cells;

26.Staining of ancient china is contained in natural plant pigments, such as the indigo blue dye.

27.this paper gave the parts fungi on the moulding, Staining bamboo wood an isolation, culture and identification. immunoperoxidase Staining, they will also be keratin positive and epithelial membrane antigen positive.

29.immunohistochemical Staining showed increased expression of new formed, type i procollagen in keloid tissue.

30.objective to explore different methods of antigen retrieval which affect the immunohistochemical Staining results.

31.often after sex he would be so comfortably stretched out, immobile, that he would not clean himself up, Staining her sheets.

32.cells on cover slips were subjected to immunofluorescence Staining.

33.factor vi-related antigen antibody indirect fluorescence Staining can examine the obvious yellow-green fluorescent light in plasma around nucleus.

34.the lung of somatic nuclear transfer cattle was observed by optical microscopy and he Staining techniques in this paper. day7,14 and21 after induction respectively, toluidine blue Staining and immunocytochemical Staining were performed to detect differentiation.

36.both routine Staining and immunohistochemical Staining for cytokeratin were used at two widely spaced additional tissue levels.

37.chinese barley landraces or cultivars were carried on by i2-ki Staining method in this study.

38.use the giemsa Staining method to detect the mouses peritoneal macrophages phagocytosis function.

39.rabbit antiserum raised against the purified protein reacted with fimbriae on the surface of bacteria under immunogold Staining. formed collagen in keloid was localized with abc immunohistochemical Staining.