Stained Sentence Examples | Use Stained in a sentence

1.her exercise-book is Stained with ink marks.

2.his reputation had been Stained for life.

3.his character was Stained by cruelty.

4.he Stained the wood brown.

5.he soaked his Stained shirt in hot water. could even order windows from a catalogue — a sort of mail order Stained glass service its place was new white-oak flooring Stained to match oak floors in the rest of the house, all of which had been refinished.

8.the pen Stained the cloth with ink.

9."try to get those suckers up a loading chute, " he said with a tobacco-Stained smile, eyes filled with nostalgia. copy is tattered and Stained and i am enjoying working my way through all the recipes.

11.i went to the church to see the Stained glass.

12.but her body Stained with demon wuxie, so people with water splashed go on to her for her body, wash.

13.he Stained the wood brown. apply pomade to, of hair.

14.this cloth is still Stained; you'll have to give it another bleach.

15.she Stained her fingers with ink.

16.the dress had been brightly coloured, but it was Stained and dirty now. wonder her fingers are Stained brown, she smokes like a chimney.

18.she has Stained the floorboards dark brown.

19.wearing a Stained jacket and trousers, he made even my scruffy brother look a model of good grooming.

20.every piece of timber was planed, cut to size and Stained with cedar preservative.

21.their blood Stained their clothing.

22.she wanted to go on like this not to the next smoothly off from nearby vines, stretching from the quagmire of mud Stained the ground sway.

23.his character is Stained by vice.

24.she gazed round the church at the grey uneven walls and the vivid Stained glass windows. have Stained the good reputation of our family.

26.nicotine marks Stained his chin and fingers.

27.she wiped her eyes, and a slight smile began to crease her tear-Stained cheeks.

28.the coffee Stained his shirt brown.

29.the clothes are Stained with grease.

30.several important politieians have had their reputations Stained by this scandal.

31.little did vos know that he was stepping into a dark chapter of his past, and a world Stained by the ancient power of the dark side.

32.when the brush color, nail oil brush should be to leave a little soft skin parts, note color should not be Stained to soft on the skin.

33.if it's to be like this, don't you be sad, the flag of the republic has our blood-Stained glory.

34.his white coat was grubby and Stained. day, when i was trying to put the place in order, i found some cotton batting under the bed and it was Stained with blood.

36.the soup spilled over and Stained his trouser legs.

37.mike, the home's director, sat us down at a walnut-Stained table and let out a sigh. "i got the report from the hospital, " he said.

38.he Stained his military record by going awol [ a.w.o.l.= absent without official leave].

39.he had smoked for so many years that his teeth were permanently Stained yellow.

40.the blood soaked through his shirt and Stained his jacket.