Stagnating Sentence Examples | Use Stagnating in a sentence

1.if you are in a relationship that seems to be Stagnating, your inner clock will likely begin to sound an alarm this month.

2.these figures, taken at a time when the economy was stronger, corporate profits were soaring but wages Stagnating revealed a bleak picture of a german workforce that was failing to enjoy the fruits of its labour.

3.if you arent building towards something, youre probably Stagnating.

4.Stagnating wages, it said, could in addition undermine the financial stability of the social security system, which is funded through levies on employers and employees calculated as a percentage of gross wages.

5.the policy hides the rising cost of health benefits from workers, who perceive it as Stagnating wages instead.

6.this is because of premium rates Stagnating or declining in many areas, while the supply of insurance and reinsurance remains high.

7.i feel i'm Stagnating in this job.

8.faced with rapidly ageing populations and slowing employment growth, mature economies need to boost productivity sharply if they are to escape Stagnating living standards.

9.they are not Stagnating, like brazil, or contracting, like russia. for a country that's Stagnating, the only real option may be a leader with the clout to force change.

11.rice and wheat are important for southern asia's food security, but yields have recently been Stagnating and soil quality deteriorating.

12.raising unemployment benefits would help kick-start the Stagnating scottish economy, a leading expert has claimed.

13.despite austerity, underlying borrowing is Stagnating at very high levels. 1997 the "tigers" had been Stagnating for years.

15.weak demand from Stagnating economies has put downward pressure on prices.

16.this immigration surge boosted singapore's population by nearly 32% since 2000 and helped its economy grow at an average annual rate of about 6% in the past decade, but also contributed to rising living costs and Stagnating low-end wages.

17.but the dominant economic fact for middle-class families in the 2000s was not rising taxes. it was Stagnating wages and slowing upward mobility.

18.indeed, if you have felt that your career has been Stagnating over past months and wondered why you were not able to make substantial progress, you can blame a weak saturn.

19.industrial production is Stagnating

20.but Stagnating local production would mean more imports would be needed, jain added. was initiated by mr paulson in an effort to contain rising sinophobia in the us congress, which increasingly blames china for america's economic problems, from its huge current account deficit to Stagnating real incomes.

22.the report depicts a diverse continent, with several countries making remarkable progress, some Stagnating and others lagging seriously behind. for those lucky enough to have jobs, pay is Stagnating. the supreme leader of the soviet state, gorbachev set about to reform its economy and the Stagnating communist party.

25.laurence took over a company widely seen as Stagnating in third place in the uk's competitive mobile market. has to seize the opportunity and cut taxes so that consumers, after years of Stagnating wages and rising taxes, have more left to spend.

27.too many people sit at home Stagnating after they retire.

28.nothing. i know we've been Stagnating for years.

29.while many people in Stagnating a road, they had to get out of a road, let the people who cherish the time they arrived in front. career was Stagnating and i knew it was time for a move.

31.the means of achieving increased savings in a period of declining or Stagnating income is why hopes for a v-shaped recovery in the economy will not be fulfilled.

32.but she also confirmed other studies which have found middle-class and blue collar wages Stagnating since the 1970s. the heart of Stagnating incomes has been the poor performance of the us jobs market.

34.instead of merely Stagnating, output would have fallen and the real costs of debt to the public would have risen, in a lethal downward spiral.

35.couples who have been together a long time often might believe that the relationship is Stagnating and needs to be reinvigorated.

36.china's economy is absolutely booming, while japan's is Stagnating and they have such a low population and one of the lowest birthrates. have been Stagnating for some time now and you need a change of pace.

38.this stalling appears to be the result of slowing demand in recent years, which caused a drop in productive use of resources that is possibly related to a combination of market rigidities and Stagnating innovation, according to the conference board.

39.despite several years of belt-tightening, growth in europe is Stagnating and millions are still out of work.